Gal*Gun Returns Xbox One release has been cancelled after “productive discussion with Microsoft”

IntiCreates has announced that it will no longer be releasing the Xbox One version of Gal*Gun Returns, a remaster of the original Gal*Gun, following conversations with Microsoft. The studio has confirmed that the Xbox One version has been completed and the master version was being reviewed, but will not see the light of day. However, the Switch and PC releases of Gal*Gun Returns will not be affected so players on those platforms will still be able to play the game. You can read the full statement from IntiCreates below.

Today we would like to announce that we will no longer be releasing Gal*Gun Returns on the Xbox family of consoles. As a remaster of the original Gal*Gun, we wanted to strive to ensure that we stayed true to the spirit of the first entry in the Gal*Gun series, and while development of the Xbox version was complete and the master ROM under review, it became apparent, after productive discussion
with Microsoft, that we would be unable to ensure consistency of experience across all platforms.


As a result we have decided to re-focus attention to Nintendo Switch and PC for the upcoming release of Gal*Gun Returns. We understand the disappointment from everyone who was looking forward to playing the game on Xbox One, and would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support. Please accept our sincerest apologies for this change in the planned release. We hope you enjoy the
Gal*Gun experience on other platforms.

We look forward to continuing working with Microsoft on other PQube releases going forward.

Gal*Gun Returns is not exactly family friendly and would easily fall into the smut category. You can check out the game’s “features” below.

  • A Variety of Game Modes! Fall in love with the girl of your dreams in Story Mode, show off your sharpshooting skills in Score Attack Mode, live out your fantasy of a multi-person Doki Doki Mode with the all new Doki Doki Carnival, and a whole lot more!
  • Pre-loaded DLC! From bikinis to aprons and more, the popular DLC outfits from back then are ready to be enjoyed from the get-go!
  • Full Voice Acting! Every single one of the 70+ girls in the game is fully voiced! Revel in every minute of this amazing cast’s performance!
  • Complete Gallery Mode! Over 250 illustrations, both old and new, are ready for you to take in!
  • Most impantitly! True aesthetics in those hidden areas is what Gal*Gun is all about! A grand total of 423 types of panties are waiting to be discovered! There may even be more to come?!

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  1. That’s pretty low of Microsoft to do that after they’ve wasted however long developing it. Also an own goal, they could’ve scooped up a lot of these games with Sony shunning them now.

  2. Makes a change for Microsoft be heavy with censoring rather than Sony.

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