DayZ update 1.10 release date and next-gen upgrade confirmed

DayZ developer Bohemia Interactive have announced that update 1.10 will be released tomorrow across all versions of the game including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The studio also confirmed DayZ’s next-gen improvements on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S via backwards compatibility.

Having been previously available via DayZ’s Experimental Update program on PC and Xbox One, the fixes and gameplay changes made in 1.10 will go live in latest build tomorrow.


New items, mechanics, and crafting materials will be added to DayZ as part of the new update. Here’s a quick rundown of what new content to expect in patch 1.10:

  • You can now break the players lower leg, damage is applied by falling or brute force (walking/fighting with a broken leg will result in shock damage)
  • Added the Signal Pistol and its ammunition (in various colors)
  • Added crafted Tanned Leather using Garden Lime
  • Added crafted Leather Backpack
  • Added crafted Improvised Shelter
  • Added localization for Brazilian-Portuguese
  • Added the crafted Splint
  • Added Tarp (material)
  • Added the ability to replace ruined parts of tents (entrance-/window-covers) with tarp
  • Added the Pipe Wrench
  • You can now repair a damaged car engine with the Pipe Wrench
  • You can now repair parts of the vehicle chassis with an Epoxy Putty
  • Clothing items now have an indicator for their insulation value
  • Exposure to wind will make your character freeze more (forests can provide cover)
  • Food decays over time
  • Items dry up over-time when put on the ground or in a cargo space on the ground (proximity to a fireplace is no longer required, but the area of a fireplace dries items faster)
  • Items cool down over-time in the player’s inventory and on the ground
  • Added a heat buffer to supply an overtime heat bonus to the thermal comfort of the player character (you receive a temporary heat bonus after spending time near a fireplace)
  • Added a smoking slot to several types of fireplaces, used to dry meat
  • Added additional coastline details between Storozh (prison island) and Ostrog, making the sea traversal easier and more interesting (Chernarus)
  • Punching now deals damage to gloves and can cause bleeding to bare hands
  • Added a visual effect to increasing shock damage (both reflecting getting hit, and current state)
  • Added damage when jumping out of a running vehicle (also including a chance for broken legs and death)
  • New visual heat haze effect for the fireplace, flare, road flare and torch lights

For a more detailed log of changes, you can find them here. These will hopefully be condensed when Bohemia Interactive publish the official DayZ update 1.10 patch notes.

Consoles players will no doubt be wondering what the devs are planning for DayZ on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Bohemia have confirmed that the popular sandbox survival game will be available via backwards compatible on both systems for those who already own a copy of DayZ. They haven’t announced a specific update for these new consoles though according to Bohemia, there’s a noticeable improvement in general performance including a more steady framerate.

Source: Twitter (@DayZ), DayZ Forums

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