Logitech G733 Gaming Headset Review

Striking, but is it inviting?

The gaming headset market continues to be a battlefield for many manufacturers, with each year seeing a new fleet of offerings sent forth to scuffle with one another. Wireless or wired? Stereo or virtual surround? Black or the colour of a 5-year-old’s shoes? These are the questions that trouble peripheral manufacturers every year, and we’ve got our first taste of Logitech’s latest answer. Ultra-lightweight, wireless, LED, virtual surround and an oceanic blue, the Logitech G733 is one of the most striking headsets you’ll see this year, and it sounds pretty good too.

Logitech have aimed to make comfort the defining feature of the G733. Weighing in at a crown-cradling 278g, it’s light enough that you’ll soon forget you’re wearing it, and the other features Logitech have added ensure that this is a headset that’s going to stay the course, whether you’re spending the day ploughing through Destiny 2 raids or grinding your way through Final Fantasy XIV.

The memory foam earpads are covered with exceptionally soft and gentle blue fabric, and they feel like a real treat for your ears when you’re putting them on. The central body of the headset meanwhile is a single piece of flexible molded plastic, and it’s the elasticated internal headband that provides the correct fit.

There’s two notches for you to attach the headband to, and how big your head is will dictate how much flex you’re going to need. Just as with the earpads, the elasticated band has been made from a pleasingly soft piece of fabric, and as a man with a shaved head, I very much appreciate the comfortable fit across the top of my unprotected noggin.

The G733 has not got the strongest passive noise cancellation, which is likely due to the plastic build, relatively light clamp and the inclusion of open back-style holes hidden behind the plastic headband. That’s worth considering, but when audio is being pumped through it I find the experience suitably enveloping.

The Logitech G733 comes in four different shades, from the expected black through to an Ikea furniture-friendly gloss white. Our review unit was royal blue, and it certainly turned heads upon arrival in the office… the home office, that is. The reversible purple and foam green elasticated headband somehow manages to stand out even further further from the crowd.

Adding to its unique look is the LED implementation. Each of the G733’s earpieces feature a two-tone LED strip at the front that cycles through the colour spectrum as standard. You can turn them off it it’s not your bag, but they’re not overwhelming and being able to set two different colours to the strips further sets them apart.

Logitech have aimed for something that looks contemporary and cool, and it’s almost a shame that there’s no option to wire them up or use a Bluetooth connection, as they’re as much a fashion accessory as they are a gaming headset. The fact you can remove the flexible mic arm – as you should be able to do with all mic arms – is another point in its favour. Sadly though you’re tethered to somewhere in the 20 metre range of wherever its dongle is plugged in.

The mic arm is only slightly adjustable Its rubbery build letting you move the mic itself towards your mouth to some degree, but that’s probably enough for most situations unless you’re really having to whisper into it. Logitech have included Blue VO!CE technology in there too, so the output from it is pleasingly crisp and deeply adjustable, meaning your Warzone teammates aren’t going to have any issues hearing you.

The G733 connects via a USB-A wireless dongle, and it’s compatible with PS4, PC and Mac. As a wireless offering it needs a charge to work – it charges up with a USB-C port – but Logitech continue to do excellent work in this field, with 29 hours of battery life available without the LED, and 20 hours with it on. If you want to get the most out of its setup and 7.1 surround sound offering you’re going to want to head on over to a PC, but once you’re there you may find you’re better off sticking with stereo.

This headset’s predecessor, the Logitech G533, remains one of my all-time favourite wireless stereo headsets. Despite a distinct lack of on-board controls, its excellent comfort levels and stellar audio remain top-tier, even now. The G733 is similarly fitted with 40mm drivers – in this case PRO-G ones – and in stereo mode offers a clear and deeply listenable audio response that’s a match for Logitech’s previous output.

Audio sits at the brighter end of the spectrum, and the G733 is perfect for picking out the top end details, whether that’s catching every lyric in Bring Me The Horizon’s new album or distant gunfire in yet another round of PUBG. This is not the headset for you if you’re after booming, overwhelming bass. There’s a pleasing roundness to the bottom end, as it were, and it’s well controlled, but if you want to watch a series of Michael Bay films or feel the explosions in Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s campaign you might want to look elsewhere.

You might want to also look elsewhere beyond Logitech’s surround sound options if you’re wanting to indulge in a bit of virtual surround audio. The included DTS Headphone: X 2.0 surround sound option is amongst the weakest I’ve tested out recently, adding a ridiculous amount of reverb and spacing and robbing audio of much of its nuance. The positional placement of each virtual speaker definitely works, it just doesn’t come together in a cohesive fashion. If you’re playing on PC you’re going to be better served by Dolby Atmos or Windows Sonic, while PS5 players will all be tapping into the Tempest Engine for their spatial audio, regardless.

Logitech’s GHub meanwhile has evolved into a highly useful and efficient piece of software, and from here you can alter what the G733’s single customisable button does and a whole lot more.You can tinker with the LED lighting, adjust the EQ settings and the virtual surround setup, but the most extensive feature is what you can do with the microphone. Using the Blue VO!CE setup you can squeeze, squish and de-ess your speech to within an inch of its life. High-pass filters, noise reduction, compressors: the G733 has them all. If you’re serious about how your headset sounds to others, this is the headset for you.

A visually exciting gaming headset with top-tier comfort levels and a fantastic mic setup, the Logitech G733's audio is the only mild disappointment, being best used in stereo mode where it'll prove to be a deeply reliable companion.
  • Cool design
  • Ultra-light and comfortable
  • Strong stereo performance
  • Incredible Blue VO!CE microphone setup
  • Poor surround sound implementation
  • Low passive noise cancellation
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