PS5 and Xbox Series X players experiencing screen tearing in Destiny 2 there’s a fix, details here

Suffice to say the launch of the next-gen versions of Destiny 2: Beyond light were a little rocky with network issues and a ridiculously complicated way of getting hold of the PS5 version of the game. Once players had managed to log in there were many reports of a very nasty screen tear issue on both Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. Thankfully there is an easy fix:

Console players experiencing screen tearing and performance issues can use the following workaround: •Within Destiny 2, go to Settings > Video and choose “Reset to Default”.

Bungie have also tweeted that some next-gen players who are buying Beyond Light for the first time on PS5 or Xbox Series X|S are finding that despite forking out the cash, they don’t have access to the expansion. As usual Bungie say they are “investigating the issue” and we should all stay tuned for when it’s fixed.


There’s also yet another issue for PS4 players, “Due to a recent fix for PS4 friends lists, PS4 players will be unable to view their online friends in their Roster until December 14 when the issue will be resolved in a hotfix,” say Bungie. “As a workaround, players can use their PS4 Friends List from their PS4 home screen or Quick Menu.”

They do specifically say this is a PS4  issue when I logged in on PS5 last night I had my friends but the clan list was completely empty, and as most of my Destiny chums are in the TSA clan there seems to be an issue there as well.

Last night both PlayStation and Xbox players we’re reporting Weasel error codes which are related to network issues, Bungie were, once again, “investigating” but never confirmed the issue has been fixed. Players do see to be able to log in to the game at the moment so hopefully the Weasel error has been fixed.

Source: Twitter

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