What We Played #480 – Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond , Warzone & Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Thank God it’s nearly Christmas (I’m sure there’s probably some way he’s responsible for the event). After a year that’s been akin to being waterboarded by abject stupidity, it’s nearly at an end, and some seasonal festivities are coming to bring some much needed light into our dark, dismal lives.

I’ve been so busy that the idea of playing many computer games has been laughable, but I finally got to sit down last night and play Tetris Effect: Connected, which was just what my brain needed to sort itself out. I’ve also been snatching moments of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, because it’s a comfort blanket of gaming goodness, and I don’t think it will ever wear out. Only Monster Hunter Rise could be able to draw me away next year.

Nic Bunce has been getting back into Pokémon Go, saying that “having gone for a socially distanced walk with a mate and his son for his birthday (birthday parties are kind of a no-no this year) it’s been the perfect chance to start catching critters again. They’ve added a tonne of new features and two more gens since I last played. I’ve also played some Shady Part if Me, some Sam and Max and some Monster Hunter between everything else. Busy week!”

Steve has been getting his VR army boots on with Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, and tried out a bit of Half Life: Alyx for comparison. Other than that, he put some hours into Monster Sanctuary and Blossom Tales on the Switch and rattled through the retro fun of Landflix Odyssey.

Aran finally beat the Gears Tactics campaign, as it took ages to pass the final mission – thankfully a Boomer shot to the face of the boss saved him from certain doom. Meanwhile, Jim slipped back into two comfort games this week, the first of them being Hitman. He tells us, “I didn’t really give Hitman 2 a thorough shake the first time around so now I’m playing through both games back-to-back. Replaying some of those missions from Hitman has felt weirdly nostalgic as I go back and re-do those Mastery ranks and challenges, ready for Hitman 3 next month. Also, with Year 4 Season 4 under way, For Honor has found its way back in my gaming rotation. This tends to happen every few months – I get the urge to play again, focus on a new hero, then get my fill. This time around I’m juggling a few characters including the Warlord, Nobushi, Tiandi, and newcomer, Gryphon.”

Nick P has been playing DMC5, getting the main campaign and Virgil’s campaign completed, but that’s not all. “Now I need to decide if I’m going for that plat, it’s a tough one!” He’s also been playing Mafia Definitive Edition and the new update for Warzone – “It’s nice having another map in Warzone, even if it is just Alcatraz.”

No surprises for Jason, who has been playing Rocket League. He continues,  “I did also try out Crackdown 3, which runs like all of us attempted to at the beginning of the first lockdown (not well, and also our knees hurt). I’ve also been playing a lot of Monster Sanctuary, which is great.” Gareth meanwhile has played a bit of Cyberpunk 2077, but otherwise hasn’t had much time.

Drea has had a bit of a slow week as she came off of furlough, before being swiftly put back on furlough. “I’ve been playing a lot of Paper Mario, and my sister inspired me to replay The Urbz, which has aged surprisingly well.”

On the other side of the world, Miguel has got back into Yakuza Like a Dragon, “the combat has been clicking for me a little more after I dumped a bunch of yen into grabbing super beefy fully upgraded weapons for my party, PLUS the story is really kicking into high-gear so thats got me excited to keep playing. I’ve also been playing a bunch of COD Cold War Black Ops, and with the new season 1 update out I’m obsessed with 2v2 Gunfight. I’ve also been fumbling around in Fortnite and Genshin Impact doing daily mission stuff here and there.”

Finally, we have Tef, who’s started running through the entire Halo saga in co-op, though his playtime was stalled by an unexpected 23GB update on Wednesday. He also dove into Among Us on Nintendo Switch, finding a decent port of one of the smash hits of the summer.

What about you? What have you been playing in preparation for Christmas?

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  1. I was playing Worms Rumble against some randoms this morning. It’s more fun than I thought it would be, definitely enjoying it!
    So anyway, I started blasting..
    and then some guy called Crazy Del jetpacked in next to me and hit me in the head with a baseball bat. Unbelievable!

    • What can I say? I am competitive xD lol
      We should team up :)

      • Haha, you did well there, taught me to use my bat more so it was a good lesson. Happy to do a team up! My psn is Lieutenantfatman
        Cheers matey.

  2. Thankfully Valhalla has been fixed! I am about to complete the game (92hrs in) and will do some collectibles I have missed out along the way and clean up any trophies in free roam. Hopefully get the Platinum tomorrow ^^
    Still play Worms Rumble daily for the daily challenges.

  3. Finished the story of Jedi Fallen Order. Working through the remaining trophies now but really struggling to find the missing 4% of the Imperial Refinery to explore.

    If I’d bought it I think I’d have been disappointed, but as part of EA play it’s ok. Good story but didn’t warm to Cal and hated the combat. Kashyyyk felt like Avatar the video game. Every wall run reminded me I need to go back and finish Titanfall 2; and who the hell thought that witches and zombies should be canon in the Star Wars universe?!

  4. I finished off Squadrons this week, after a long break I’d forgotten what was going on. I started again and finished Squadrons for the second time this week, collecting all the mission medals in the way. Great game!

    • Next on my list of games to pick up!

  5. Got to 99.2% in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity, just in time for the Skater XL update everyone has been waiting for since launch. Unfortunately, it was a complete mess and totally broke the game. Very disappointing. So in the end, I looked back at games I never finished and dived back in to Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. It’s so insanely hard though. I think I’m gonna drop the difficulty.

    • Whoaaaaaah! Is the update about ‘Around the World’ Trophy?

      • It was supposed to integrate a mod.io browser so you can download community created maps and gear, but it just broke the game.

  6. I’ve been switching between Cyberpunk 2077 and Spider-man Remastered this week. Trying to get through as much as I can incase Santa brings me any new games.
    Loving Cyberpunk story but the game hasn’t made it easy to play constantly crashing on me or bugging out.
    It feels great to be finally swinging through New York again with Peter (New Face) Parker again too. Forgot how great the game was.

  7. Was too busy this week and when I finally got anywhere near my consoles, I kept watching Dark, by far the best series about time travel I’ve come across.
    I only played some more of Bugsnax, which had slight hints of getting darker, therefore better. I’m still not convinced but something keeps me playing, I haven’t figured out what it is.
    Oh, and I just watched the finale of The Mandalorian s2, a worthy conclusion of this excellent season, which for me was the best Star Wars had offered for almost 40 years (maybe only except for Rogue One).

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