Custom DualSense and PS5 faceplates are now available to order from third party suppliers

Two companies have stepped up to allow you to customise your PlayStation 5 and DualSense controller. Canadian peripheral firm Dbrand , more commonly known for making cases for mobile phones, has announced that it is to start production of black faceplates for the PlayStation 5 console.

“After moving a few more chess pieces through four dimensions, we added a new production line to our plastic injection molding facility and got to work,” say Dbrand. “The skills we’ve refined through the past few years of developing the Grip Case has uniquely positioned our organization to create OEM-grade Faceplates: ones with all of the precision, attention to detail, and needlessly elaborate packaging that you’ve come to expect from Dbrand.”


Production on the faceplates should have started by now but they will not be available to buy until the company is satisfied with the product. “If CD Projekt RED has taught us anything, it’s that selling products before they’re finished is a bad idea,” they add.

You can register you interest in the faceplates here. 

Meanwhile, ColorWare are offering custom DualSense with the option to colour the grips, touchpad, buttons, and body of the controller, with plenty of colours and finishes to choose from.

Each controller uses an original DualSense which is then disassembled, recoloured as per your specifications, and then reassembled. As each controller is custom made they are rather pricey, you could pay up to $150 if you want a really fancy one, and as they have been disassembled the warranty from Sony is invalid. However, ColorWare are offering their own one year warranty to replace the Sony cover.

You can try out all the different colour combinations and find out more here.

Source: ColorWare / Dbrand

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  1. The most important question to ask before buying the new faceplates is…………….
    Do they have the teeny tiny crosses, squares, triangles and circles on the inside?

    • Not if they want to avoid that lawsuit.

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