Samurai Shodown’s first Season Pass 3 characters have been confirmed

SNK has confirmed the first characters that will be available in Samurai Shodown’s Season Pass 3. Two characters were confirmed out of four, and the first of those is Cham Cham. She is armed with a giant boomerang and claws as well as having speed on her side it seems. There is a brief snippet of gameplay showing Cham Cham in action showcasing that speed. She will be available in Samurai Shodown from mid-March for season pass holders.

The second character that has been revealed is Hibiki Takane. Hibiki Takane crosses over from another of SNK’s titles, with that being the fighting game The Last Blade 2. The Last Blade 2 was released originally in 1998 but has been released on PC, PS4, and Vita in the last few years. Unlike Cham Cham there is no release window given for Hibiki Takane, nor is any gameplay shown of them in the trailer. It is likely we will get proper footage closer to the character’s release.

We rather enjoyed the game upon its current gen release last year. Nick said in our Samurai Shodown review:

“Samurai Shodown is a strong entry into the sea of fighters, showing a lot of love for the original series, while also being able to appeal to newcomers. A few niggles aside, people are going to be playing Sam Show for a long time. EVO just got more exciting to watch!”

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