eWin Europe Champion Series Chair Review

In a year that’s seen many of us confined to our homes, the demand for comfortable office chairs has risen like never before. Spending long hours confined to your desk working, gaming, or both in my case, can be quite painful with an uncomfortable chair so it’s no surprise that there has been an increase in brands offering premium gaming and office chairs. The eWin Europe Champion Series chair is one of those premium offerings, but is it worth your hard-earned cash? Let’s find out.

From the moment it was delivered, it’s clear to see the Champion Series is a serious bit of chair. I was met with a large and considerably heavy brown box that I just about managed to shimmy into the house. If you’re buying one of these for a considerably lucky child, they’ll certainly need your help unpacking and putting it together.


Out of the box, you get everything you need to put the chair together, including the individual central pieces, some basic tools, and a set of instructions. You also get a pair of nifty gloves to help you put it together. To begin with, I couldn’t understand quite why my digits needed protection from a chair but shortly after the white gloves turned a murky shade of grey and it suddenly became very clear. So yeah, wear the gloves.

The chair itself isn’t too difficult to put together, although the instructions having different individual pieces listed compared to mine certainly threw me off to begin with. It probably took me around forty minutes to put the chair together, although it probably would have been faster if the instructions were clearer.

The Champion Series chair comes with a number of levers and features to make sure you can find the perfect position during any gaming session. There are levers for the position of the chair back, vertically and horizontally adjusting the arms and also the angle of the armrests and you can adapt the height of the chair so your legs don’t swing around and make you feel like you’re five – unless you like swinging your legs around in which case carry on. There’s a lot to play with when trying to find the position that suits your body, and eWin have made sure that there should be an option for everyone.

The Champion Series also comes with lumbar and neck support pillows that strap to the chair. These provide some additional support and make the chair considerably comfier. I tried it without the lumbar support and experienced backache pretty quickly – although that could say more about my terrible posture than the chair itself. With the support in place I found my backache swiftly disappeared.

The armrests come with a special soft PU material that makes them incredibly comfortable to lean on. I usually find that my skin becomes easily agitated after leaning on a synthetic material for too long, but these armrests have served me well so far.

I have to say that I’m not a massive fan of the bucket seat-like design of the chair. This is most prominent in the raised panels on either side of your thighs, which almost feels like it locks you in. I’d much rather see these parts of the chair flat. I think it might be especially uncomfortable for those with a larger frame or thick thighs.

The four roller wheels at the base of the chair do have a tendency to roll a little too much if you are on a hardwood or vinyl floor. I’ve found myself sliding around quite a bit more compared to my old chair, but it isn’t a dealbreaker, it’s just something you may have to keep in mind and/or get used to should you end up buying one.

The Champion Series chair is certainly nice and understated visually, coming in an all-black finish with the E-win logo adorning the back and front of the chair. A breathable faux-leather fabric covers most of the chair, with a padded seat for extra comfort around your tushie. I was pretty excited to have received the all-black version of the chair for review as some of the other models come in quite garish colours, though of course, your mileage will vary depending on taste and surroundings. If you live in a bright red gamer den, you’ll certainly find one to match.

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The eWin Europe Champion Series is a solid choice for anyone looking for a long-term solution to working from home or wanting a more comfortable option while playing games. At an RRP of £350, it carries a relatively steep asking price, but what you get for that investment is an adaptable chair which will provide comfort over and over again when you need it most. It gets a mark down for slightly vague instructions, but other than that, I’m impressed all around.
  • Comfortable
  • All black model looks sleek
  • Adaptable and versatile
  • Free Gloves
  • Slightly Confusing Instructions