The PlayStation Store is now working, here’s a link to get the Resident Evil Village demo

Good news everyone, the PlayStation Store seems to be working this morning so you can now get the Resident Evil 8 ‘Maiden’ demo. You can find that here, enjoy!

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Oh dear, the PlayStation store has, to use the technical term, ‘gone tits up’ as everyone has rushed to download the PlayStation 5 exclusive demo for Resident Evil Village which Capcom announced moments ago during their live stream.

The web version of the store is returning zero hits no matter what you search, “Resident Evil” brings up nothing despite there being numerous games available for the console and even searching for “Hitman” brings up zero results, despite the game being on the front page of the store.


Searching on a PlayStation 5 isn’t much better, I have tried twelve times now and only once got a result, the rest of the time is store is telling me their are no results or I should “check my connection”. I don’t think that’s the problem, Sony. Capcom have not said when the demo will be released, just that it out today.

TLDR: If you wanted to grab the Resident Evil Village demo, best wait a few hours.

Capcom announced that Resident Evil Village is also coming to current generation consoles and both versions will get a free upgrade to the next-gen versions if you decide to upgrade your hardware at some point.  They also announced that along with currently-not-available PS5 demo there will be a second demo released at a later date for PC and Xbox as well as PlayStation.

They game will be released on May 7th 2021 and comes in a number of special editions including one with a statue, another with a copy of Resident Evil 7, and anyone who makes a digital pre-order will get a mini digital soundtrack.

Netflix recently  announced a new TV series based on Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise. The series is now set in New Raccoon City, and will follow ‘the Wesker kids’. I’m a bit rusty on my Resident Evil lore but as far as I know the only child Albert Wesker has is a son named Jake Muller who was introduced in Resident Evil 6.

The new story follows fourteen year old sisters Jade and Billie Wesker who move to New Raccoon City with their (so far unnamed) father. “The more time they spend there, the more they come to realise the town is more than it seems and their father may be concealing a dark secret” add Netflix.



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  1. Was honestly really disappointed in the showcase… Barely showed anything… Also did everyone else notice max difficulty was listed as part of the deluxe bundle… Difficulty surely sound not be a seperate purchase!

    • I have to agree but I don’t think it’s an issue as there won’t be a trophy for Max Difficulty (Platinum to obtain all trophies) I am sure it will be downloaded in a few months from launch. Capcom is just trying to get money from the Editions as much as they can.

  2. Played the Demo three times and the details of the environment is stunning and oh my the sounds are perfect. Cannot wait for the other Demo in Spring and the full game on the 7th May along with RE: VERSE.
    The problem at the mo, is that I cannot find a website to pre-order the Collectors Edition!

  3. Not quite related to this but I cannot get an answer anywhere. I can no longer buy any paid for item from the PlayStation store since getting a PS5. Has none else had this.

    Consol / app / browser all give me an error regardless of payment method. I last bought something in December on. My PS4 since getting PS5 nothing can be bought.

    • Have you tried asking the question to PS support on Twitter? You’re probably more like likely to get a solution there.

      • Awesome thanks. I will try that. Never thought to try them there.

      • Not a problem.

        Can’t say I’m a fan of Twitter, but if there’s at least one thing it’s useful for, it’s getting support. No right minded company would want a customer issue to gain traction there.

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