Resident Evil 7 updated after Resi Showcase event

After last night’s Resident Evil Showcase, there’s a good chance that many fans are rifling through their backlogs to dig out Resident Evil 7 for another playthrough.

At the same time, those who already have the game installed on consoles will have noticed a new update notification pop up. Capcom have patched the survival horror sequel to version 1.08 (or 1.03 for those playing the Gold Edition).


Sadly, from what we can tell, all that has been added is a new menu option taking players to a store page for Resident Evil Village. If Capcom has slyly added anything else to Resident Evil 7 as part of this new update, we’ll be sure to let you know.

The Japanese publisher recently celebrated the Resi franchise’s 25th anniversary in style with the Resident Evil Showcase. This broadcast included a handful of announcements with Resident Evil Village having its release date confirmed for May 7th, 2021. Not only that, there’s a demo – codenamed “Maiden” – available to download on PlayStation 5. Additionally, Capcom revealed a free multiplayer component for RE8 dubbed “Re:Verse” which will see players compete in online matches while playing as various iconic heroes and villains from the long-running franchise.

It’s been almost four years since Resident Evil 7: Biohazard launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, marking a critical turning point for the survival horror series. In our review, it scored 8/10:

For them to successfully steer one of their flagships back on track, Capcom has done what many thought was unthinkable. It was less than twelve months ago that the publisher released Umbrella Corps, at which point I – and no doubt many others – were ready to call time on the series. Resident Evil 7 definitely has a handful of weak points, but it’s by far the best AAA survival horror game we’ve seen in quite some time.

We’ll have more on Resident Evil Village as approach the game’s May launch.

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