Activision reveal there’s going to be a new Call of Duty this year, and another remaster

The gaming world has been rocked by the revelation that Activision are to release a new Call of Duty game this year. Sales of smelling salts have spiralled upward as members of the industry faint upon hearing the news with many requiring a week’s bed rest to recover. “I am totally shocked by this unprecedented news,” said our source, before running round in circles and screaming like a chicken who has notice the sky is falling.

Those who were not in a coma from the Call of Duty revelations were hit by another news explosion from Activision: They’re going to release another remastered game. Speculation as to what that game is already rife, could it be Diablo 2? Rumours of a remake of that game have been doing the rounds for a long time and it’s been nine years since Diablo 3, and although Diablo 4 has been announced that still appears to be a good year or two away from release, certainly not this year.


Many of Activision’s previous games have been based on IPs they have licensed including Transformers, James Bond, Nascar, X-Men, and Ice Age. The license for those will have expired a long time ago so that just leaves the IPs Activision own themselves. Prototype was already treated to a rather shoddy remaster, Skylanders would require the toys to be remade so it won’t be that, so Diablo does look a good bet. However, the correct answer to the question “Which game should Activision remaster?” is, and always will be until they make a remaster, Blur.

The earnings call also revealed that while 2021 may be a little quiet for the company, 2022 will be “a step up”, with more games released in that period.  They also plan to have a mobile version of all their franchises, Call of Duty mobile has been doing really well in China.

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  1. World At War would be pretty cool, but I’m still really annoyed that they didn’t release the multiplayer for MW2 :(

  2. THPS 3&4

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