Monster Hunter Rise demo stats reveal most popular weapons

If you’re looking to get some early hands-on time with Monster Hunter Rise then you’re sadly out of luck. Capcom released a time limited Monster Hunter Rise demo for free on the Nintendo Switch eShop in January but it’s no longer available to download and play, making that wait until its release date on March 26th even more excruciating. In the meantime, the game’s publisher has shared some demo stats, highlighting the three most popular weapons players used when going up against the Great Izuchi and Mizutsune. The top result shouldn’t come as a surprise to long-time Monster Hunter fans though a surprise choice managed to sneak its way into third place.


Of course, the Longsword came out as the number one choice of weapon for those sampling the Monster Hunter Rise demo. According to Capcom, a whopping 19.1% of demo players opted for the Longsword. First introduced in Monster Hunter 2, this katana-like blade has been a favourite among players thanks to its high offensive capabilities and control, allowing experienced hunters to run circles around their prey, parrying and slicing tails off like nobody’s business.

In second place we see one of the series’ OG weapon choices: the Greatsword. Capable of massive damage, this blade is much more cumbersome than the Longsword though comes tagged with defensive capabilities thanks to a block function.

And in third we have the… Hunting Horn? With a usage rate of 9.6% in the Monster Hunter Rise demo, we’re surprised to see that number of players taking on what is considered the most obtuse weapon of the bunch. The Hunting Horn is great for stuns and blunt damage but is mainly used for its support abilities, allowing hunters to store musical notes with each hit, then perform a sequence to trigger bonuses from them and their teammates.

So far, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed what we’ve played of Monster Hunter Rise and can’t wait for it to touch down on Nintendo Switch in March. Here’s a excerpt from our recent preview: “Monster Hunter Rise is shaping up incredibly well. The visuals feel like a halfway point between World’s “realism” and the original game’s more characterful look, and everything we’ve seen so far in terms of weapons and armour sets has certainly piqued our interest. Of course, the proof will be in the hunting, and thankfully we don’t have too long to wait. Things really are looking up.”.

Source: Twitter (@MH_Rise_JP)

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