Episode One of We Were Here is free on the PlayStation Store right now

Lucia de Visser, Managing Director & Co-founder of Total Mayhem Games has taken to the PlayStation Blog to announce that the first episode of co-op puzzler We Were Here is out now and free for a limited time. The rest of the series, which you will have to pay for, will come to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility on February 23rd.

“If you don’t know, our games are cooperative first-person puzzle adventures where your goal is to escape, and all you have is a pair of walkie-talkies,” explains Lucia. “You and your partner will be challenged to work together on the same wavelength in order to solve puzzles and explore.”


“Each game is two player online co-op only, in which players take the roles of Antarctic explorers. The first two games We Were Here and We Were Here Too see players forced to seek cover by a blinding snowstorm, when they come across Castle Rock – a mysterious medieval castle in the wastes of Antarctica. Upon entering, you become separated from each other – can you and your friend escape Castle Rock?”

The twist is that although you are playing together you won’t ever be in the same place, ” you might occasionally see the other player from a balcony or on the other side of bars, but often your only direct interaction will be speaking via walkie-talkie,” says Lucia.

The rest of series will continue the story, just how is there a large castle in the middle of Antarctica? “Think of it like a TV series where the episodes are individual stories, but also tie together in the longer term,” says Lucia.

You can download episode one right now by following this link, the game series has been on Steam for a while where is has a Very Positive rating.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Gave this a go last night. Interesting little game. Some cute little puzzles that aren’t too hard.

    The most challenging part is trying to describe the strange symbols to the other player without using the word “penis”. It’s hard.

    There is, however, a horrible game-breaking bug with the chess puzzle. If you don’t do it quickly enough, the explorer dies. And then can’t get out of the previous area when you restart from the checkpoint. The only option is to restart the whole game. Or I guess wait for a fix.

    Inviting a friend to your game can be a bit hit and miss too. Sometimes you can’t invite them at all, other times you end up both having a “waiting for the other player” message. You can set your game to public and not have to invite them, but that only works if they can find you in the list of games before someone else jumps in and you have to kick them out or try not saying the word “penis” to a random player.

  2. This looks quite interesting. Would anyone who hasn’t played it before like to team up and give it a go?

    • You raise an important issue there.

      Make sure the first time you play it, you play it with someone who is also playing it for the first time so you can solve the puzzles instead of just having someone give you the solutions. I’m not sure if there’s any randomness to the solutions, but even if there is, the method will be the same.

      You also only get half the trophies, depending on if you’re the explorer or librarian. So you’ll need to do it a second time, swapping roles and seeing the other half of the game.

      • Yeah, I specifically plan to try and play this with another newbie to the game so as to not just end up running through it without having to actually try solve the puzzles.

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