Valheim passes 3 million sales in just over two weeks

Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate Studio have confirmed that the survival game Valheim has exceeded 3 million sales in just 16 days, after launching on Steam Early Access. Just a few days ago, the announcement had come that Valheim had reached the 2 million sales mark. The game hit a new level of concurrent players too which went over 390,000 players making Valheim one of the most played games on Steam.

Richard Svensson, CEO of Iron Gate Studio, said:

“We were always working with the assumption that the EA launch would be somewhat successful, so I guess it does not really change our plans that much. Except that maybe we can afford a bigger office now. I really love when fans make paintings, music and other creative works inspired by Valheim. I guess I like to inspire people to create stuff”

We recently went hands on with Valheim, Thomas sharing some thoughts on his time with the early access build of this up-and-comer:

Valheim, while a bit rough around the edges, has a number of genuinely nice touches to its gameplay. When cooking food, you have to actually stand by it as it cooks and take it off when it’s ready – leave it on for too long and you’ll be left with a piece of coal – but stand by a fire in a cramped space and you’ll start to die due to smoke inhalation. For a game that’s just entered Early Access, Valheim already feels like a mostly complete game.

The future feels bright for Valheim. With a solid arrangement of survival systems already in place, an engaging array of boss battles and plenty of extra touches, I can’t wait to see how the community shapes and guides this survival sim’s future development. This is definitely one to watch out for.#

Valheim may be quite daunting for new players but we have a guide called, Valheim – top 10 tips and tricks beginner’s guide.

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