Guilty Gear Strive’s final launch roster character has been confirmed

Arc System Works has confirmed the final character that will be part of Guilty Gear Strive’s launch roster, and that character is I-no. This means that Guilty Gear Strive will be released with 15 characters available to choose from. I-no will be a rush type character. A new trailer was released to show I-no in action, and it shows her rush style of combat while introducing her to the game. The full list of characters is below with type in brackets.


Guilty Gear Strive Launch Roster

  • Sol (Balance)
  • Ky (Balance)
  • May (Balance)
  • Axl (Long Range)
  • Chipp (High Speed)
  • Potemkin (Power Throw)
  • Faust (Unique)
  • Millia (High Speed)
  • Zato (Technical)
  • Ramlethal (Shooting)
  • Leo (Balance)
  • Nagoriyuki (One Shot)
  • Giovanna (Rush)
  • Anji (Balance)
  • I-no (Rush)

Arc System Works has announced that it is extending the open beta for Guilty Gear Strive until Tuesday 23rd February, but players will only be able to download the client until the end of today. The beta will now close at 2.59pm GMT on Tuesday. The extension was confirmed after the beta had some server issues on the first day which meant people could not connect online, and play Guilty Gear Strive against others. Arc System Works made the announcement on Twitter.

Dom had some hands on time with the closed beta and wrote:

The moment that the cranked heavy metal riffs start spilling out of your TV’s speakers, you know this is Guilty Gear. It’s arguably my favourite fighting franchise – sorry Virtua Fighter – offering a level of extraordinarily in-your-face action, and enthralling world building that none of the others have ever quite grasped. The Guilty Gear series has always been built on the belief that being the loudest and the coolest will make you stand out from the pack, and after going hands on with the Guilty Gear Strive closed beta, I’d be hard-pressed to disagree with them.

My only real worry, if it is a worry, is that Strive could lose out on its impact if it strays too close to the launch of the next generation of console. Fighting game fans should keep their targets firmly set on this one though, new consoles be damned.

You can read the full Guilty Gear Strive preview here.

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