Final Fantasy 16 will have an easy mode for story-focused players

Final Fantasy 16 will offer an easy mode for players who want to focus more on the game’s story, dialling down the difficulty and complexity of its action-heavy combat.


This latest update comes via an interview with Final Fantasy 16 producer, Naoki Yoshida, via Japanese radio talk show Games Talk. Discussing the upcoming Final Fantasy sequel, they touch upon the game’s combat which, like more recent entries in the JRPG series, once again steers away from the traditional turn-based format.

In the early footage we’ve seen of Final Fantasy 16, the combat appears to be action-heavy, rewarding the player for combining their melee combat finesse with powerful magic abilities. According to Yoshida, the developers will be adding a suite of unspecified support functions and assist options. These are meant for those players who may not be accustomed to action RPG, or who simply want to enjoy FF16’s narrative without grinding through challenging combat encounters.

Final Fantasy 16 doesn’t have a solid release date as of yet. Square Enix originally slated the game for a 2021 launch, exclusively on the PS5. In our Final Fantasy 16 preview, we outline why we’re so excited for the sequel:

One of the biggest reasons why we’re hyped for XVI is the series’ return to a more traditional fantasy setting. Since Final Fantasy X, each game has straddled the line with futuristic influences and generally lighter tones. Straight off the bat, Final Fantasy XVI styles itself as a grittier roleplaying game, yet one still seeped in magic as armies clash over powerful crystals, some of them riding on the backs of Chocobos.

Taking place in the sprawling lands of Valisthea, players will wield the magical powers of new protagonist Clive (yep) as the factions collide, a dark corruption looking to engulf the continent.

What’s more XVI is being developed by Square Enix Creative Business Unit III with Naoki Yoshida as producer, both credited for the ongoing success of popular MMO, Final Fantasy XVI. That should certainly give fans confidence and we’ll be watching with keen interest to see where Square will sail their flagship given the genre’s current climate.

Hopefully, we’re due for a Final Fantasy 16 gameplay reveal in the near future.

Source: Siliconera

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