Gioteck’s budget PS4 VX4 & Switch WX4 controllers now come with programmable back buttons

Gioteck have released a revision of their budget-priced VX4 and WX4 wireless controllers for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, enhancing them with a decidedly premium feature: programmable back buttons. Despite this, the controllers still have a low, low RRP of £24.99 for the Switch WX4 and £29.99 for the PS4 VX4.

Available now via Argos in the UK, the VX4 is a fully featured low-priced alternative to the DualShock 4. It features a traditional PlayStation layout, has a 3.5mm audio port, touchpad, built in speaker, motion and vibration support, and now comes with programmable back buttons that can be mapped to duplicate the input of any of the front-facing buttons. It’s available in black, dark camo and purple colourways for £29.99.


Gioteck VX4 for PS4 now with back buttons.

Similarly, the WX4 is a cut-price alternative to the Switch Pro Controller. It’s wireless, has motion and vibration support, and again, it has those programmable back buttons, despite costing just £24.99.

The Gioteck XW4 for Switch has also been beefed up with back buttons.

Both controllers retain the fundamental designs of the original iterations, but have been subtly modified with the back buttons on the rear. While some back button designs feature paddles, these are smooth, contoured buttons that blend into the hand grip.

I keep harping on about it, but back buttons are a decidedly premium game controller feature and rarely seen outside of anything that’s targeting an esports or high-end gamer audience, and so cost far, far more than a standard console gamepad. Controllers like the PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless PS4 Controller or Nacon Revolution Unlimited cost over £100, while Sony’s own DualShock 4 Back Button attachment costs £25.99 – almost as much as the VX4 on its own.

We’ve been impressed by Gioteck’s gamepads in the past, saying of the original revision in our Gioteck VX4 review:

The VX4 is our budget PS4 gamepad of choice. It may not be as slick as Sony’s DualShock 4, but checks off all the essential features while being comfortable to use, even during those prolonged gaming sessions.

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We weren’t quite as enthused about the Gioteck WX4 for Nintendo Switch in 2019, but it still offers a solid option for consumers, when the official Pro Controller will set you back around £60.

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