Bravely Default 2 Tips and Tricks

The third game in the Bravely franchise, Bravely Default II, lands on Nintendo Switch today and brings with it countless hours of turn-based JRPG nonsense. If you’re a newcomer to the franchise, an RPG beginner, or even a series veteran, we’ve compiled a short list of Bravely Default 2 tips and tricks to get you through the first few chapters of you adventure to find the four Crystals with Seth and the gang.

Bravely Default 2 tips and tricks

Now sure, you know RPGs, you’ve been playing them for years. You completed Final Fantasy 7 before you could even talk. We get it. But that doesn’t mean you know about this RPG. The Bravely series is a little different to most, and while it certainly has its fair share of tropes, that doesn’t mean that an RPG veteran has nothing to learn here. So, go on ahead with these Bravely Default 2 tips and tricks and fight the good fight, save the world, and then kill god. You know, #justrpgthings.

1. Hit everything with your sword!

When out in the world map, dungeon areas, or towns, liberal use of your sword is advised. In the early parts of the game, cutting down grass and trees can earn you money, useful consumables and even weapons or armour. Just be careful and watch what you slice, because sometimes a wandering enemy will be hiding in the trees or, even worse, you’ll slice a bush that’s a slightly different shade than the rest and actually is the enemy.


2. Take care with gear

Depending on the Job equipped and various other things such as level or previous Jobs, each character has a maximum weight limit for the equipment that they can be geared up with at a time. If you exceed this, rather than having the possible benefits of the shiny new gear you’ve found, it will actually bring down all of the stats of the character instead. Every piece of equipment has a weight in its stat block, so you have been warned! 

3. Don’t be so quick to change Jobs

Whenever you get a shiny new Asterisk, it can be really tempting to change your party over to new Jobs immediately, but hold fire on this, especially in the early game. The reason for this is to let you earn passive abilities with the Freelancer Job called ‘JP Up’ and ‘JP Up and Up’ (earned at level 9 and 12 respectively). Equipping these will make the levelling of future Jobs much smoother, with a maximum boost to your JP of 1.7%. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it really helps.

4. The best offence is …

The above doesn’t only extend to the Freelancer Job. Almost all of the Jobs will likely have defensive abilities that are of use to someone in your party, which range from the ‘MP Saver’ ability from Beastmaster that reduces MP cost of spells by 20% to the ‘Revenge’ ability from Red Mage giving them a chance for a free Brave Point if attacked and beyond. Make sure you look over the abilities beforehand, and don’t be afraid to switch them out and try new things. 

5. Keep up with side-quests

This is a JRPG, so expect plenty of side-quests that are completely unrelated to the main plot. These appear in the world and towns as blue speech bubbles above an NPC’s head and range from finding someone’s friend to slaying a particular number of a monster type. We recommend doing these whenever you see them because not only do they net you EXP, but they also hand you other rare items. These are very useful in the first few chapters.

6. A Pirate’s Life For Me

Early in the game, you can complete a little quest to save an elderly woman from some monsters on the beaches near Halcyonia. This unlocks a fun bit of side content that sees you sending out this woman’s boat for up to 12 hours of real time. This is a bit of a metagame activity which will continue to progress in time while the console is in Sleep Mode.

As this little boat can end up bringing back rare items (like JP and EXP boosters) and lots of pg (the in-game currency), make sure you always send the boat out before putting the Switch to sleep!

7. (Almost) Infinite Wealth

Between side quests and sending out the boat every 12 hours, you will very quickly be swimming in pg, and that’s not even including the money drops from all of the battles! Don’t be afraid to spend your money on new armour and weapons when you reach new towns. Also, the basic consumable items are quite reasonably priced, something you will need to account for with the following …

8. Dying As Learning

The Asterisk holders – the boss characters that you must defeat if you want to earn new Jobs – can be an absolute pain to take down. That’s especially true because their penchant of throwing status effects at you will send your battle plan right out the window.

One way to counter this is going into each encounter stacked with consumables (which is good practice anyway), but the best method we found was to use your death as a learning experience. Then you can just reload the game and fight them again using what you learnt to shuffle around your accessories to reduce their effects. Cheeky, but if it works, it works.

Those are our eight top tips to get you started with your adventure in Bravely Default II. There’s so much to see and do in this world, but following these should see you getting through the early game smoothly, and see you in good stead through most of the rest of the game as well.

Oh, and if all else fails, just use a Ward Light to avoid enemy encounters. Ooh, a bonus tip right at the end!

Bravely Default II is released today for Nintendo Switch, you can find our review here.