DayZ update 1.26 patch notes include vehicle fixes and more

Bohemia Interactive have launched a new March update for DayZ, making a small number of fixes to their popular zombie sandbox survival game.


DayZ update 1.26 is now live across all platforms. For those playing on PC, this will appear as “Version 1.11.153731_Hotfix 1”. If you were expecting any new game content then you’re out of luck. This is a relatively minor patch Bohemia have deployed to fix a number of reported issues.

You can review the full DayZ update 1.26 patch notes below:

  • Weapons would not spawn with attachments
  • The truck battery could not be charged using the battery charger
  • The flag pole was refreshing bases more often than designed (every server restart) (
  • The universal flashlight could be attached to handguards without a rail
  • The player could not switch to VSS iron sights when using PSO optics
  • A client crash related to attachment slots on base building objects

If you’ve been away from Chernasus (and Livonia) for some time, then you may have missed DayZ’s most recent content updates. Bohemia Interactive have continued to balance, fix, and rework certain aspects of the game while adding smart new additions for survivors to experiment with.

In November we saw a clutch of new features added to DayZ, including broken legs (yay!) and splints to help mend them, as well as a flare pistol, pipe wrench, and the M3S truck. New crafting materials and recipes have also been added, giving players even more ways to endure and interact with the world around them.

The most recent DayZ update arrived last month in February 2021, adding the new “badass” SVAL rifle.

We reviewed DayZ when it finally launched on PlayStation 4 back in 2019. Our DayZ review was far from glowing, awarding the port a low 2 out of 10. However, the game continues to enjoy a zealous fanbase with more future updates planned.

Source: DayZ Forums

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