Enlisted closed beta now available on PS5, major update for Invasion of Normandy campaign released

PS5 owners are now able to pay for access to the Enlisted closed beta, following the launch of this beta on PC and Xbox Series X|S. Much like PC and Xbox Series X|S players, PS5 players need to purchase a founders pack to get access. The cost of individual founder packs is £24.99, with a bundle of all three founder packs priced at £73.99. So, what does this get you? Well, access to an upgraded Invasion of Normandy campaign.


Enlisted is a World War II squad based MMO where players have the options of playing as an infantry squad leader, tank crew or an aircraft pilot. The Invasion of Normandy update added a lot of weapons, missions, and fixes to the Enlisted experience. The full changelog is below.

Enlisted Invasion of Normandy update:

New weapons:

  • Springfield M1903
  • Springfield M1903A1
  • Springfield M1903A4
  • Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I
  • Browning Auto 5
  • Winchester Model 1912
  • M1 Flamethrower
  • M3 Submachine Gun
  • M3A1 Submachine Gun
  • M1 Carbine with grenade thrower
  • Browning M1918A1
  • MP34(ö)
  • Sturmpistole
  • Beretta M1918

Updated weapon models:

  • Mortar РМ-38
  • Colt 1911A1 pistol

Temporary weapon models, which will be replaced by authentic ones in the near future:

  • Ross rifle
  • PIAT
  • Bren LMG mk3
  • Mannlicher M1895
  • MAS-36
  • FNAB 43
  • Breda Mod. 30
  • Springfield M1903 Air Service
  • Added weapons for aviation:
  • 4xSC50 for Bf-109 F1 and Hs-123
  • 4xSC50 and SC250 for Ju-87B
  • 4xFAB-50 for I-153 and Il-2
  • 2xFAB-50 for Yak-1
  • Rockets Wfr.Gr.21 for BF-109 G10 and BF-110 G2

New missions:

  • Ver-sur-Mer (Assault and Conquest)
  • Ruins of Vaux (Conquest)
  • Swamps of Reviers (Conquest)

Other changes in missions:

  • Corrected landscape near the beach in the Normandy mission (Invasion) to prevent unwanted firing-through space. Removed some rearward looking machine guns.
  • Added cover to Chateau Bock (Conquest).
  • All missions now have more weather options.

Added the ability for console and PC players to play together for the period of closed beta testing.

Changes and Improvements

  • Introduced soldier classes. You can still fill the squad with specific soldier types, but now also choose their class. Each class starts with its own set of perks.
  • Improved physics and visual car models.
  • PC: Now using a mouse to control aircraft does not affect your view as much. Use the look button to look around.
  • Improved filtering of effects rendered in low resolution.
  • Now a special indicator is shown on unlocked improvements.
  • Now there is a special text hint when entering or exiting vehicles or changing places in vehicles.
  • To shoot a machine gun located on the top of a tank, the commander needs to look out from the hatch.
  • Lowered damage radius against infantry for anti tank rocket launchers.
  • Damage for semi-auto rifles is increased to 12. For full-size rifles recoil now affects camera shake more.
  • Winchester 1895 — during reloading in targeting mode there is no magnification.
  • Now switching interactive mode on and off using the gamepad in statistics and map windows ai changed from D-pad left to Y.
  • Players who have accumulated more experience than levels available in the “Battle for Moscow” campaign have had their progress returned to the maximum level (18). This will allow you to unlock three new campaign levels.


  • Fixed excessive recoil for Walther PP.
  • A bomb dropped from an aircraft will not ricochet off the ground.
  • Objects will not float in the air after structures they are on are destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug causing a soldier to die during rally point respawn.
  • Fixed a bug causing a spawning player to jump.
  • Anti tank hedgehogs and rally points will not be allowed to be built by engineers in a space that is not big enough.
  • Destroyed barbed wire will no longer slow down soldiers.
  • AI-soldiers will no longer try to climb over one another.
  • Destroyed tanks will not blink.
  • Fixed engine sound after a tank is destroyed.
  • PC: changed default key bindings to switch between spectating players.
  • Emissive materials now also have better reflections.

Source: Enlisted.net

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