What We Played #488 – Loop Hero, Overwatch & The Pathless

Well, it’s the traditional end of the working week, and while time and space seem to have little meaning right now, I do know that it is time for the ceremonial weekly takeaway that signals that it is Friday.

I’ve had a busier week, but still found time to sneak in some gaming, with PixelJunk Raiders, Burnout Paradise, Monster Hunter Generations, Overwatch, Dirt 5 and The Falconeer all finding their way onto my screen at some point. I really need to stop the eShop visits being a kind of retail therapy each day. I’m nabbing games I will never have time for, but it’s like a comfort blanket; I may not be able to cuddle it – the Joy-Con would fall off for a start – but it’s keeping me warm and fuzzy feeling nonetheless.

Jim was the first to check in this week, and he’s crossed another game off the backlog this week, honing his archery skills in The Pathless. He tells us it’s “very atmospheric and a great palette cleanser with some smart puzzles though I didn’t have the patience to scoop up those last few trophies for the platinum.” He also fired up some Super Mario Odyssey and Gravity Rush too while also getting his partner to play A Way Out, which he says “has been an… interesting experience.”

Aran reviewed Maquette ahead of its release into PS plus, “which was very enjoyable”. He’s also played more AC Valhalla and thinks he’s near the end, saying “I’ve completed every side activity and got all the main treasures in all the regions. Every member of the Order has been assassinated bar the head honcho.” What he doesn’t know is that Assassin’s Creed games never end, and he has doomed himself to a life of Viking-led misery. Shame.

Ade and Laura have played through the Moving Out DLC – Movers in Paradise – for review. He’s also giving the Final Fantasy 7 Remake a go now that it’s on PlayStation Plus, and happily he’s enjoying it! Also, he’s been keeping on with Fall Guys, telling us, “My little dude’s dressed as a purple Koala! Cutest. Thing. Ever.” You can grasp the mindset of most of the TSA staff in this quote.

Nick P has been playing the very excellent Fights in Tight Spaces which “ticks every box for me. I’ve also started 13 Sentinels which a helluva trip so far. Enjoying it though!” Tuffcub told me he’d played “D2” and though I know he means Destiny 2 I’m going to imagine he’s playing the classic survival horror game on the Dreamcast. Well done TC.

Gareth has played Cold War and Planet Coaster, saying “I built a rollercoaster yesterday and by the time I’d finished it didn’t meet the scenario requirements, but I didn’t have the heart to remove it. Now I’ve gotta squeeze another one in somewhere.”

Meanwhile, Nic B has been playing a tonne of Pokémon Go, dipping his toe in the water of PVP battles. He says, “It’s surprisingly in-depth, requiring Pokémon I normally wouldn’t look twice at. I’ve also played some Nuts, which isn’t great, and some Monster Hunter, which we can all agree is excellent.”

The addictive Loop Hero has sucked in Steve, as it “takes everything I loved about the demo and adds greater flexibility and variety to create a compelling experience, Concrete Genie which was a lovely slice of graffiti based charm with a great sense of character and a runtime that didn’t overstay its welcome. Also played some Yupitergrad for review but a sore and crusty eye from constant screen time makes VR uncomfortable so that’s slower going than I would like. Gave up waiting for EA Play to join Gamepass for PC and took advantage of the 80p first month deal on Steam so hopefully Fallen Order will be my weekend gaming.”

Miguel told me so many things that I’m going to just let him tell you in his own words; “Well, I just got a Pee Es Five, so I’ve been playing a bunch of stuff on there! I dipped into Demon’s Souls and Control and Destruction All-Stars and Astro’s Playroom for a lil bit, but the one game I ended up playing a bunch was Spider-man Miles Morales. I also tried playing Atelier Ryza 2, but the cross-save functionality wasn’t available yet so I’ll try again this weekend now that it’s patched in. Besides that, I played some Apex Legends and a bit of that new Outbreak mode in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War!”

And finally, Tef’s main gaming endeavour of the week has been to play the exceedingly strange Eternal Cylinder for a preview. It is a thoroughly odd looking game, which he described as “Q*bert’s braind on drugs”, but it’s also strangely heartwarming as the little Trebhum creatures try to survive the gigantic rolling pin that is trying to crush them… Weird, right?

Now we’re all done, you can tell us about what you’ve played!

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  1. Dirt 5, now that it’s been fixed and no longer crashing the career mode.

  2. Same as last week. Mostly the same PS5 things.

    Loving AC Valhalla. Finished off Maneater, which was fun and an easy Platinum.

    And I’m being ignored by Sony when trying to get a refund for Dirt 5. Which is still broken. Except now they’ve managed to catch whatever error was causing the crashes and save corruption, and it just hangs at the end of a race every now and then. And if you just close the game, that’s not going to be sending any error reports, so it’ll never get fixed.

    Plus the traditional first Tuesday of the month downloading too much with PS+/Now.

    Maquette seems fun, until you manage to drop something and can’t pick it up again and have to sit through the same unskipable bits again.

    Remnant: From the Ashes is interesting so far.

    And the FF7 Remake I just finished after getting it for christmas anyway. That’s 100GB of valuable disc space I was happy to get back. Most disappointing remake so far. But I didn’t play it this week, so ignore me ;)

    Oh, and World War Z on PS Now (for a few months) is a lot more fun than I thought it’d be. So many zombies.

  3. I’ve not had that much playtime recently, but I finally finished my 2nd playthrough of RE2, this time as Claire. What an excellent game..!

    Then I played various bits and pieces, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris co-op, some Battlefront I co-op, some more Forma.8, and I had a look at the first Uncharted on the PS4, which I loved back then at the beginning of the PS3 aera. It seems to have aged quite ok.

    Then I returned to The Division 2, to finish off the Gangs of New York DLC, which I put on hold last year when we learnt the sad truth about Ubisoft. I enjoy searching those hidden SHD caches.

    Oh, and I played through one of the best games ever made, Bruce Lee on the C64 maxi, fantastic..!

  4. I’d have the Far Cry New Dawn platinum except for the last trophy which is still eluding me… Anger management indeed!
    Also, more Everybody’s Golf on Vita, I’ve finished the “story” such as it is, so moving on to other trophies like bouncing the ball across water multiple times… It’s been a difficult week.

    • Just got the plat for Far Cry New Dawn :-D so pleased! Might play Far Cry 3 classic, just for a change/the OCD in my trophy list!

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