Outriders possibly being teased for Xbox Game Pass

This week Microsoft completed its acquisition of Bethesda which brought with it 20 titles to the Xbox Game Pass service. It appears though that Microsoft has another big announcement up its sleeve for Xbox Game Pass. A new message on Twitter is teasing the announcement of a new game coming to Xbox Game Pass, and the signs appear to point to People Can Fly’s Outriders. The message posted by the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account references an anomaly and a signal.


Warning – Minor Outriders spoilers ahead

If you have played the Outriders demo you will know that one of the opening missions is to track down a strange signal when you first land on Enoch. After you find the source of the signal a planet wide anomaly occurs that sets back the human settlers as technology fails, as well as killing members of the Outriders squad. This anomaly is then officially called The Anomaly, and it becomes a regular presence on Enoch which leaves the original colonisation plan in tatters, leading to the rise of different factions and war between them. The fact that this teaser references both the signal and the anomaly points to Outriders. Further, certain people become Ascended in Outriders thanks to the Anomaly which in essence makes them part of the anomaly.

“Or am I the anomaly in this situation?” Indeed…

Jim played the Outriders demo, and this is what he thought:

“Outriders is arriving pretty late into the looter shooter party, but this is a genre that’s sure to stick around for years to come. While there’s nothing particularly unique or ground-breaking, the game’s dungeon-crawling structure, combined with smooth gunplay and devastating Anomaly powers has us wanting more, if only to see how well these elements mature as we reach its endgame climax.”

You can read his full impressions in the article Outriders gameplay impressions – is it better than Destiny and Borderlands? Outriders releases April 1st for PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Stadia.

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  1. I just checked out the demo last night. It seems horribly disjointed as a single player experience, which is a shame because the story is intriguing but obviously the online game is the main focus. The combat action feels like Operation Winback aiming for Mass Effect.

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