Surviving Mars will receive new updates and DLC with a new developer in charge

Paradox Interactive has decided to return to their colony management sim Surviving Mars, promising new content and expansions with new team Abstraction Games in charge of the game’s future development.


In the immediate future, there will be a free Tourism Update for the game released on Monday 15th March, expanding the game with free new content for all players. You’ll now have tourists that are able to rate their holiday experience, build Hotels after completing the Smart Homes research and build low-G amusements, and create sightseeing tours around your colony.

Alongside this, Paradox has enlisted community modder Silva to create the In-Dome Buildings Pack, also releasing on 15th March. This will add eight new buildings and technical additions to expand community and housing options, and will be available for $4.99 USD/€4.99 Eur/£3.99 GBP.

This is the prelude to a full-fledged new expansion pack that is expected to launch later in 2021.

Magnus Lysell, Product Manager for Surviving Mars said, “Since the launch of Surviving Mars: Green Planet, our players have been asking what’s next for Surviving Mars. The Tourism Update is just the beginning. The game is in good hands with Abstraction, they’re a team of veteran developers with years of experience making AAA titles and are passionate about Surviving Mars.”

Surviving Mars has now surpassed 5 million players across PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One since its 2018 release, but development of the game ceased following the 2019 expansion pack Green Planet. Haemimont Games stepped away from their title to move onto other projects, while Paradox Interactive retained the rights to the ‘Surviving’ IP and announced Surviving the Aftermath from Icelake Studios.

We had our Surviving Mars review when it came out in early 2018, and the hard-nosed colony management sim certainly caught our attention. I wrote:

“If we ever try to colonise our red neighbour, it’s going to be one of the greatest challenges that mankind will ever undertake. Though Surviving Mars makes a game out of it, Haemimont have brilliantly kept that hard edge, as it constantly pushes and tests your ability to plan with survival in mind, especially with the unpredictability of the Mysteries of Mars. There’s plenty of ways to improve it and put more colony control in the hands of the player, but the first landing is already off to a great start.”

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