Tesco have now sold out of PS5 consoles

UPDATE: All gone! Better luck next time!

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I won’t waffle, here’s the link for Tesco go go go go! You will be placed in a queue and unfortunately there’s no way to tell how far down the queue you are, but good luck. The sale seems to be for consoles you can pick up instore, rather than get delivered.

Earlier this week number of stock checkers on Twitter are reporting that both Amazon and Smyths will have a large number of PlayStation 5 consoles for sale sometime this week.

The links you will need are:

If you are an Amazon customer you can speed things up by adding the consoles to your Wishlist right now and buy straight from there rather than going to the page.

Last week UK retailer Currys PC World have opened a priority pass system for those who want to buy a PlayStation 5. You will need to fill in a bunch of details including your address and then you will be added to draw, as soon as stock is available in their stores (not online) then you have the chance to get a pass.

This will contain a unique PS5 buying code along with details of the local Currys PC World store you must go to an pick up the console. The passes are only valid for 72hrs so you will need to keep an eye on your email when stores open. You must be over 16 to apply for a pass and you can only enter once.

This lady is very excited as she’s already used her PS5 Priority Pass.

To apply for the pass click here.

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