Monster Hunter Rise – when to upgrade and craft new armour

When should you upgrade or craft new armour in Monster Hunter Rise? Crafting has always played a major role in the Monster Hunter series. After your first hunt in Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll be able to pay the Kamura village smithy a visit, spending money and resources to create new weapons as well as pieces of armour.

Just about every monster, from Rathian to Remobra, has their own armour sets available in game. Kill enough of them and you’ll gradually gather enough materials to craft full sets of armour, tagged with stats that mirror a monster’s own attributes such as elemental or status resistance.

However, Monster Hunter Rise never tells you when you should upgrade or craft new armour. As such, you’ll likely run into moments of indecisiveness, asking yourself whether you should focus on upgrading your current armour set or invest in the smithy’s latest wears.

Monster Hunter Rise is generally more forgiving and accessible than previous titles, to the extent that you can easily reach the game’s soft ending by swapping out your armour just a few times. Still, you may want some help in gauging when it’s best to do so.

The easiest way to tell if you need to improve your armour is by looking at how much damage large monsters are dishing out. If you can only take 3 or 4 hits then it’s time to visit the Smithy. In such instances, you have two options: to craft new pieces of armour or upgrade existing ones.

As you fight tougher monsters, the materials they drop can be crafted in armour with increasingly better stats – look at both the defence and elemental resistance numbers. It can be hard to justify the time and money spent on crafting new armour when its base defence stat is only 2 to 6 points higher than your current gear. By exchanging armour spheres you can upgrade your current armour’s defence to close that gap. Each upgrade level adds 2 defence points though this can typically only be done a few times before maxing out a piece of equipment. Our advise is to spend those armour spheres liberally – there’s a steady supply!

Between starting the game and clashing with the Magnamalo, we’d advise having at least 2 or 3 armour sets to swap into. These should be crafted using monster materials from the game’s 3 and 4 star quests. You should focus on creating sets that complement each other in terms of elemental resistances, having at least one for fire, water, and thunder. Synergising status effect resistances is good idea too, as well as combining armour skills. You’ll find that there’s plenty of room for experimentation in Monster Hunter Rise.

As soon as you tear through the six star quests, you’ll then transition into the game’s “high rank” content. All previous armour sets are reshuffled, each with “plus” variants that are much tougher than their originals. High rank is where you really need to start paying attention to loadout optimisation, making sure you craft armour to tackle each element type that you can face.

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