What We Played #492 – Outriders, Evil Genius 2 & Monster Hunter Rise

It’s been a really nice week, and not just because the fabled glowing yellow orb has appeared in the sky and been allowed to stick around for until later into the evening. Being allowed to go a little further from your house probably helps too, and some actual human interaction is pleasant as well. However, there’s still a lot of time that it’s probably best to stay in front of a screen indoors, so we’ve been making sure to do that too.

I’ve been continuing to nail Monster Hunter Rise, hopping in to help Nic and some other new players by wailing on Low Rank creatures with wanton abandon. Besides that, I’ve been playing EVE Online and made a start on Genesis Noir for our review.

Aran has been playing Godfall, saying “it looks good and has decent combat, but I can’t believe matchmaking was not included. I’ve also played Void Bastards and completed a run of that. Really enjoyed the experience of it and highly recommend. I’m currently playing Rain on your Parade for review. More on that soon…”

Agreeing that Godfall not having matchmaking is “a joke”, Jim sunk some early time into Outriders for our Review in Progress. He’s also been playing Crash Bandicoot 4 on PS5. “Having just come straight from the N. Sane Trilogy, it’s clear to see where Toys For Bob have modernised the platforming formula while making their own tweaks and refinements.”

He also crossed off what he needed to for the Ghost of Tsushima platinum, dove back into Uncharted 4’s thoroughly enjoyable multiplayer, and decided to try Enlisted, a WW2 shooter currently in beta: “It’s similar to Battlefield in a number of ways, with a greater focus on you and your squad. Instead of one lone soldier, you get to command a handful of AI troops that either follow the player or take orders such as defending a checkpoint. It’s a weird twist though there’s something I obvious enjoy about Enlisted or I wouldn’t keep going back for more.”

Tuffcub obviously played Destiny 2, and decided to give Control another chance on PS5, to see if he can get over the lack of waypoints in the game. Also playing an obvious game was Jason, who played Rocket League. He’s aiming to make Champion rank next season, but for now has broken it up with Apex Legends, Binding of Isaac’s Repentance DLC, and Crash Team Racing.

Having got his Xbox working again and finished off our Balan Wonderworld reviewReuben dove into Xbox Game Pass to play Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Children of Morta and Tetris Effect, which is “every bit as excellent as [everyone who praised it at launch] said.”

Ade and his other half are back on the warpath in Earth Defense Force, while Steve has been hooked, lined and sinkered by NieR Replicant Ver. 1.229458772340918201231… He’s also been tinkering with his PS Vita to get an SD card to work on it, and has been playing Narita Boy for its 80s aesthetic, even if it is a bit clunky.

Nic B has been playing Monster Hunter Rise a whole lot, saying “If it looked like World and was on a better console it’d easily be the best MH game of all time, in my humble (but objectively correct) opinion.”

And Gamoc has been playing both Doom 3 VR and Disco Elysium for review. He’s also continued on his journey through Immortals Fenyx Rising. “I didn’t enjoy Ares’ section as much as Aphrodite’s as it relies on cheap writing (you have to fight this big monster after doing all these puzzles to get this thing, only for someone to steal it as you’re about to grab it). It’s still great fun, though.”

Miguel and Nick P turned up late to let us know that they’ve been playing Apex Legends, Fortnite and Monster Hunter Rise in the former’s case, and Monster Hunter Rise and the final parts of the campaign of the “superb” Yakuza: Like a Dragon in the latter’s.

Finally, Tef has continued his rampage through Wolfenstein: The New Order, blitzed through the prologue of Outriders and plans to sink some time into it this long weekend, and put some finishing touches on his evil genius lair in Evil Genius 2!

That’s all for us, but what about you? What have you been playing this week?

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  1. I’ve heaped dozens more hours into Death Stranding, I’m starting now to forgo the standard orders and focus on the ones that progress the story, as much as I was enjoying it before I’m really loving the piling on of lore and characters that comes with the middle chapters in the game. It’s superb, very Kojima, very addictive.

  2. I’m dipping into Fury Unleashed daily, making gradual but steady progress. More progress once i realised that i don’t actually have to clear out every cell in each chapter every time i playthrough!

    I played a few hours of Subnautica and i’m enjoying it – initially kind of unsettling being underwater most the time but now that i’ve unlocked a bunch of craftable upgrades i’m feeling a bit safer – excpet for whatever it was that suddenly roared at me from the depths and caused me to leave a small deposit in my wake.. ;)

    And i would still be playing Subnautica if it wasn’t for NMS receiving yet another update – a pretty significant one this time which has encouraged many folks (like me) who otherwise wouldn’t to start a new game. Plus there are a bunch of decent in-game rewards just for watching NMS Twitch streams.

  3. I’ve not had much time to play this week, but I have progressed nicely with Borderlands. I’ve completed the main story and just need to get the last 2 levelling up trophies for the platinum, which I’m trying to do by gaining XP from the DLC. I’m hoping to have the Borderlands platinum by next week!

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