Dreams Audio Importer added in v2.22 update

Media Molecule has released a major update for their creation-fuelled game Dreams, enabling creators to import audio from outside Dreams to use within their creations.


The audio importer actually works via the Indreams.me website, though it’s a particularly tentative feature in how it’s been implemented. Firstly, the feature is only unlocked at level 30, and then from that point, you have the following limits:

Dreams Level Max upload length in seconds Number of uploads per day
0 0 0
1 15 30
30 15 60
60 20 90
90 30 120
120 30 150

The intention of the audio importer is specifically for user-created audio, and not for uploading songs and other copyright material. The strict limits will help make it difficult for users to do so anyway, making it easier for Mm to police, but copyright infringing content could be removed. Users are also advised not to use this with software synths and sample libraries. See Mm’s guidelines here.

The audio importer was originally in Dreams during its beta phases, but pulled prior to release as Mm realised that the boundaries were not being sufficiently set and that they had bigger fish to fry in order to create a shippable game.

Aside from the Audio Importer, version 2.22 does the following:

  • Message of the Day Update: We’ve added QR code support to our Message of the Day system, meaning you’ll occasionally find a QR code there to take you elsewhere, outside of Dreams, like indreams.me perhaps.
  • Latest Version Collections Prompt: A prompt will now appear on screen that points the player towards the latest version of a creation contained in a Collection.
  • New Boot Image: For half the world, it’s springtime! The birds are singing, the sun is (starting) to shine. For the other half? Autumn is in the air! Our latest boot image for Dreams is the perfect reflection of the season, no matter which part of the world you’re in!
  • Similar Creations: We’ve removed the Similar Creations tab from the cover page of a creation. Searching while in edit mode will also no longer display similar creations.
  • Fixed a bug where users were unable to delete local saves after receiving a full save message.
  • Based on player feedback, we’ve changed the language used in the notification when a creation of yours has been added to a Collection. This will make it clearer that this is what’s happened.

We scored the incredibly ambitious PlayStation exclusive a 9/10 in our Dreams review:

Taking Media Molecule’s creative ethos to new heights, Dreams is a PlayStation essential. Booting the game up each time and having no idea what awaits is an intoxicating feeling. A remedy, forcing me from the rut of my predictable gaming habits to explore an inner creativity I’m often too lazy or wound up to let free.

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  1. The list of things you can do with the audio importer is a bit weird. In a “copyright law is so confusing we don’t want to risk anything” sort of way.

    I guess they can’t know if the software synth you’re using has any odd licensing rules. If I happen to have a bundle of very convincingly emulated analogue synths that would cost quite a bit (if they weren’t bundled with a keyboard) to buy, and I’m allowed to use for whatever I want, even commercial use? Can’t record those and use it in Dreams? Same as a nowhere near as good free version that is clearly licensed for non-commercial use? But if I could get hold of the actual hardware from decades ago, that would be fine? Good luck trying to decide which I’ve used.

    And you can’t record an actual car engine??

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