Bowser’s rather impressive penis removed from Patreon after copyright claim

Nintendo are well known for slapping a takedown notice on anyone who uses their characters and IPs without permission, but if this latest report is true then they clearly know their characters rather more intimately than we do.

A 3D modelling artist has who creates throbbing genitalia for use in home creations has been asked by Patreon to remove a model after they received what appears to be a copyright claim from Nintendo. The item is question is the artist’s interpretation of what Bowser’s penis would look like, which, if you really want to know, is rather thick and veiny. Both the head, shaft and testicles are also covered in small spikes and the whole thing is topped off with a black spiked cock ring.


No, we’re not putting the picture up, but if you really want to see it (and obviously it’s very NSFW) then click here. 

If the claim was made by Nintendo then you might say it would actually legitimise the creation, thus making the spiky, thick ding-dong canonical for the Mario universe. Now there’s a thought!

However, it might just be was someone just being annoying and filing copyright claims to annoy people. Patreon, YouTube, Twitter and the like don’t really check out the claims and often just remove the offending articles to avoid trouble.

Perhaps the artist should have modelled Johnny Silverhand from Cyberpunk 2077 instead. CD Project RED famously plastered their entire game with jiggly pleasure devices, leading to what became known as The Great Dildo Plague. It turned out that there was a bug in the code for Cyberpunk 2007 – yes I know, hard to believe – and the it had caused an excessive amount of prosthetic penises to spawn throughout Night City.

The other game famous for massive rubber willies is Saint’s Row: The Third which included The Penetrator, a melee weapon constructed from a metre-long dildo attached to a handle of a Baseball Bat.

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  1. As you say, this is effectively Nintendo confirming the official depiction of Bowser’s Bits.

    For all we know, this could be the penis of D-list 1970s actor Jon Bauman. Nintendo’s involvement is highly suspicious!

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