Ubisoft announce server shutdowns for 12 games, including Rainbow Six Vegas and Vegas 2

Ubisoft has decided it’s time to pull the plug on the online servers for a dozen back catalogue titles, including Rainbow Six Vegas and its sequel, Ghost Recon Future Soldier and the PC version of Splinter Cell Conviction and Far Cry 2.

Eight of the games will have their servers shut down on 1st June 2021, while the four titles available on console are left more nebulously with a 2021 shut down.


The games that will have the most fond memories for modern gamers are Rainbow Six Vegas and Vegas 2, both of which featured online co-op for Terrorist Hunt and story modes, as well as competitive multiplayer.

Not all of the games have multiplayer, but instead need server support for unlockable content. Ubisoft’s support page states that without servers, “The ULC will be disabled, meaning that you will no longer be able to unlock them. On PC, even if you have redeemed them, the ULC will no longer be available. On consoles, the ULC will be available until you decide to reset your saved game files.*

In-game news and player stats will be unavailable, Ubisoft Connect (formerly uPlay) features will no longer function, and for any game with in-game currency, it will become even more worthless.

Here’s the 12 games affected and the expected shut down dates.

Platform Game Effective Date
PC Assassin’s Creed 2 June 1st 2021
PC Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands June 1st 2021
PC Far Cry 2 June 1st 2021
PC Anno 1404 June 1st 2021
PC Might & Magic – Clash of Heroes June 1st 2021
PC Splinter Cell Conviction June 1st 2021
PC The Settlers 7 June 1st 2021
PC Might & Magic X – Legacy June 1st 2021
PC/X360/PS3 Ghost Recon Future Soldier 2021
PC/PS2/XB/GC Rainbow Six Lockdown 2021
PC/X360/PS3/XB1 Rainbow Six Vegas 2 2021
PC/X360/PS3/PSP Rainbow Six Vegas 2021

Source: Ubisoft

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  1. Bugger… two of them are on my PS3 backlog. Guess I’d better give the MP a go whilst I still can!

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