The Dying Light x Rust cross-over event is now live

Multiplayer survival game Rust has merged with Techland’s ageing zombie survival title Dying Light in a new cross-over event which includes a free bundle of skins and weapons from Rust. There is also a new human enemy and new in-game challenges which will earn you exclusive rewards. The event is only available on PC, the console versions of Dying Light haven’t had any love for quite a while.

Dying Light x Rust


Here’s more from the press release:

As the event begins, all players will gain access to the Free Rust Bundle, including a Rust-themed Player and Buggy Skins, and a Rust Assault Rifle, Custom SMG and Salvaged Cleaver. Throughout the event players can complete Research Bounties by collecting resources to earn Gold Blueprint upgrades to the Rust weapon set – awards in Local Event. Furthermore, in Global Event, the Dying Light community can collaboratively gain access to Gold Fire, Gold Freezing and Gold Poison C4 Dockets by hunting down Air Drops, raiding two new Rais’ Outposts and eliminating bandits.

To facilitate local and global objectives, players will get to deploy their new arsenal against an increased enemy presence, both bandits and zombies, in Slums and Old Town. Moreover, in these locations players will encounter Rust Outpost Scientists, who will be wielding assault rifles and SMGs – alongside a new Bucket Helmet zombie type.

The event will run until 7pm CEST on April 26th.

Publisher Double Eleven has confirmed that Rust Console Edition will be released on May 21st for PS4 and Xbox One. This version of Rust is separate from the PC version due to different technical challenges of building the game for console.

According to Double Eleven, Rust Console Edition will have its own roadmap separate to the PC version. In the blog, Double Eleven wrote:

Much like the PC version, the Console Editions will be updated regularly over time with existing and new content created by Facepunch as well as our own improvements, however the way we update will be different. The Console Editions will follow their own update roadmap from launch that we believe will provide an optimal player experience while gradually introducing players to the vast amount of game play and content that makes Rust an incredible experience.

Additionally, leaks from the closed beta have already sprung, suggested that the Rust Console Edition will feature cross-play multiplayer between PS4 and Xbox One. This was confirmed by Double Eleven to Polygon.

Rust originally launched into Steam Early Access all the way back in 2013, developer Facepunch quickly establishing themselves in the emerging multiplayer survival genre. Rust is about survival, plain and simple, as you struggle to overcome thirst, hunger, the elements, wildlife and, of course, other players. Created off the back of DayZ’s popularity, Rust sought to expand that game’s concept through adding in crafting elements.

Source: Press release

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