After The Fall gameplay teaser released by Vertigo Games

Vertigo Games has released a gameplay teaser for its upcoming VR survival shooter After The Fall. The trailer itself shows footage captured from the PC VR version of the game. The trailer shows a group of four players roaming around the ruins of a wintry 1980s Los Angeles where the undead tread. Pretty soon, the players are swarmed by all types of undead from simple zombies to more dangerous and stronger variants. You can check out the footage below.


For those playing on PSVR, you’ll be able to play with dual PlayStation Move controllers or the Aim controller. The intention is to make you feel like an 80s action hero with weapons like a cassette player turned missile launcher.

Announced back in 2019, After the Fall has been a long time coming, and was originally expected in 2020. It’s hopefully going to be worth the wait, a good four years since Arizona Sunshine arrived on PSVR in 2017. That title was one of the early highlights of the burgeoning VR market, and at the time we said:

If you’re serious about PlayStation VR and love first person shooters, Arizona Sunshine is a no-brainer. Mowing down mobs of the undead is immensely satisfying with a great spread of weapons and plenty of opportunities to have some fun. The campaign is well-paced, supplying small but welcome diversions to break up the action with little morsels of story here and there. At £33, some players will naturally want more bang for their buck, but the quality of content on offer here is fantastic. With the bar set even higher than before, it will be interesting to watch how developers try to emulate and improve upon Arizona Sunshine.

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