Report: UK retailers will have more PS5 stock next week

The PS5 Stock UK Twitter feed, which has proven to be very reliable in the past, is reporting that at least two UK retailers will have PlayStation 5 consoles for sale next week.

They suggest that Argos will have the console on May 11th, with GAME putting them up for sale sometime between May 11th and May 13th. There is also a possibility that John Lewis, Very, and Amazon may also have stock.


As Sony will be bulk shipping the consoles into the country it makes sense that if one retailer has stock, than they others will as well. It has been reported that John Lewis expects PlayStation 5 shipments to arrive between 3rd-8th May. Smyths have already released their latest batch of consoles but only a small number of PS5 digital consoles were sold this morning.

The scarcity of PlayStation 5 consoles in the UK (and other parts of the world) has been a recurring news story in the build up to its mid-November launch. If failing to secure a PS5 via pre-order wasn’t frustrating enough, prospective console owners have been left enraged by scalpers looking to flog them at a much higher price on marketplaces such as eBay, Facebook, and Gumtree.

A debate surrounding the act of scalping – and, more crucially, the use of bots to automatically order consoles and other expensive tech – has been called for by a number of UK Members of Parliament (MPs).

In a nutshell, they wish to block “the resale of gaming consoles and computer components at prices greatly above Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price”, to “[deny] unscrupulous vendors the chance to make themselves vast profits at the expense of genuine gamers and computer users, while also deterring fraudulent cybercriminal activity,” reports VGC.

In their motion, these MPs also wish to outlaw the use of automated bots which have been employed by individual scalpers and syndicates to jump retail queues. They propose legislation that mimics that surrounding the resale of concert and event tickets.

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  1. Awesome, fingers crossed. I’ve been trying off and on for months to get one but, with Ratchet around the corner, I’m getting to that stage where paying an extra £100 to get one off Gumtree is starting to tempt me.

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