With PS5 UK stock sold out, scalpers look to make a profit

It should come as no surprise that, just hours after the PS5 became available in the United Kingdom, scalpers have been flogging their consoles only for a quick bit of money.

With the PS5 completely sold out in most shops and online outlets, buyers have been left searching the internet in hopes of getting one of Sony’s new consoles. Throughout launch day we were keeping track of available PS5 stock in the UK with retailers selling out almost instantly including Amazon.

Having managed to successfully secure their pre-orders, scalpers have been quick to respond to the PS5 shortage, taking to online marketplaces such as eBay, Gumtree, Depop, and Facebook to peddle their PlayStation at a premium price.

For those unaware, “scalping” is when people get hold of rare items (usually via pre-order) then sell them at launch for profit, hoping that there will be a shortage. We’ve seen this happen countless times in the world of gaming when it comes to consoles, and video game special editions.


A mass of PS5 consoles have appeared on eBay overnight with some chancers asking in excess of £10,000 with prices averaging at around £700 for the PS5 Digital Edition and £750-800 for the PS5 Disc Edition. With many of these consoles being available for cash in hand via local collection, many scalpers also appear to flouting the UK’s lockdown laws for some fast cash.

On top of having to pay more for a PS5 console, desperate gamers will also need to be aware of the pitfalls when buying from private sellers online. We’d strongly recommend waiting for a restock.

Keep an eye on Stock Informer which tracks retailers that have consoles. Good luck!

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  1. The most effective way to stop this is to not buy any

  2. I really hope most people wont buy for those prices and this scum will be left with PS5s that no one buys… Really its the shops fault, isnt it? Shouldnt a simple captcha at least lock bots out? If somebody then manualy manages to get 2, allright, so long as a normal buyer also has a chance to get one…

    • Can’t really blame the shops, many will have just bought from several stores. Can’t stop someone who just buys one from reselling it. I think it’s down to the manufacturers to work with ebay etc on a temporary ban of some sort.

      • As i said, if you manage to manualy get more than one, i got no problem with that, that give everyone else also a chance. But setting up bots that automatically buy any stock as soon as its available, thats something else!

      • Scalpers have become much more effective over the last few years at having multiple email, bank and shipping addresses,, and captcha is not a catch-all method to block bots either. It’s all been honed on the trade for rare trainers and cryptocurrency mining GPUs, and now it’s been turned to gaming tech.

        It’s sure to get worse before it gets better.

  3. Exact same thing is happening with the new Nvidia/AMD GPU’s! :(

  4. CEX of course are in on the scalping too. They are now offering €700 for PS5 phat and selling for €875, while the PS5 digital they offer €250 and sell for €380. Similar story with the Series S/X. Interesting that the digital editions are reselling at near-cost while the full-phat consoles are heading towards double the cost.

  5. Makes you wonder how many of the PS5s in CEX are stolen Amazon stock.

    • If some of them are stolen from Amazon, or other shops or delivery people, there’s a good chance anyone stupid enough to pay silly money for them may end up with a brick in a couple of weeks.

      Sony seem to have told people they have a record of serial numbers for the ones they’ve sold direct, and they could end up blocked from the PSN after an investigation. Which could take up to 14 days. Amazon say they record serial numbers and share that information with the police and a database used by “over 9000 second hand traders”. (Although the note about that doesn’t show up on the PS5 page on Amazon. Or on the page for every PS4 bundle, just some of them). Not sure if they share that information with Sony as well.

      So there’s a chance that if you buy one for a stupid price from somewhere, it may end up not working at some point. Or the police could turn up. (That could involve Sony, Amazon and possibly your ISP cooperating with the police, but it’s probably fairly easy to track down where a stolen PS5 is being used. If the police could be bothered, of course).

      And all that could happen weeks after you buy it.

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