Gadgeteer launches for PSVR later this month

Metanaut has announced that it is releasing its title Gadgeteer for PSVR on May 25th, with the title being available for both PS4 and PS5. In Gadgeteer players are tasked with creating chain reactions in an attempt to solve different puzzles. The game features over 100 different items to use to create the solutions with four different tools to that allow players to paint, clone, create, and destroy things are not fitting the chain reaction.


Gadgeteer will have three different modes to play and they are listed below.

Puzzle/Story: Uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of a brilliant mad scientist and her daughter. Where did they go? Who are they? And what was she building? Solve 60 physics puzzles she’s left for you and explore a world of infinite possibilities.

Maker: Build your dream machine without any rules but the rules of physics. When you’re done, share your masterpiece or experience the engineering marvels of others. Design your own puzzles and upload them online with Puzzle Designer. Access 40 additional gadgets inspired by Rube Goldberg machines.

Online Sharing: Infinite replayability with lots of depth. Access to unlimited community-made puzzles in Online Sharing.

Gadgeteer is currently available on Steam and Oculus, having released back in 2019 for PC platforms. The game is priced at £11.39 so expect a price somewhere in that region when the game releases for PSVR.

Source: YouTube/Official Site

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