Blizzard will stream two hours of Overwatch 2 multiplayer next week

Overwatch 2 might not be releasing any time soon – it’s expected in 2022 – but Blizzard are going to stream two hours the game’s PvP multiplayer next week, to show how it is “reinvigorating the core Overwatch experience”.

The stream will take place on 20th May at 3PM ET (8PM UK time), and will be hosted on both Twitch and YouTube. Overwatch’s developers will be joined by content creators to show it off. The announcement came in a brief Developer Update from new team leader Aaron Keller – “Jeff from the Overwatch Team” is no more, sadly.


The stream will feature a new game mode type called Push, show off some new maps, and reveal some of the more significant gameplay updates that are feeding into the Overwatch multiplayer.

Announced in 2019, Overwatch 2 is a semi-sequel to the 2016 hit, more of an expanded release that keeps the player base aligned through the PvP multiplayer modes. It’s fully backward compatible, so all of the heroes, all of the maps, modes and gameplay balance will be shared between the two games. In other words, what Blizzard show next week will apply to the original game just as much as it will to the sequel release.

Up until now, Blizzard has largely focussed on talking about the major additions that Overwatch 2 will bring, in the form of a PvE mode that expands the game’s story. However, they did give an update during BlizzConline back in February, showing off new maps, new enemies and new skins.

Source: Blizzard

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