Overwatch 2 – new maps, new enemies, and new character skins revealed

Blizzard did not forget about its hero shooter Overwatch 2 during BlizzConline, with the studio dropping some more information about the sequel to Overwatch. This information drop included news of a new map, details of some of the new enemy units that will be in Overwatch 2, and some new skins that the heroes will be rocking as they shoot their way through their Hero Stories and in multiplayer. Blizzard also released an almost 40 minute long behind the scenes look at Overwatch 2.


Let us begin with the new maps that will be coming with Overwatch 2. The first map will transport players to America with the iconic New York City being the centre of the action. However, the other map features an even more iconic city and that is the Eternal City of Rome. A snippet from the full Behind The Scenes can be watched below in which the developers show and talk about both maps, as well some of the inspirations behind them.

During the talk about Overwatch 2, three new enemy types were confirmed too. The first of these is the Breacher which stalks the maps on four legs. It is essentially a walking bomb that is programmed to reach its target and explode. Players will only have a short time to take it out once it gets to its target as it transforms from walker into the bomb, taking things out in its vicinity. The second enemy is called The Puller. She is a blindfolded enemy that has three orbs around here acting as her eyes. If they spot you those orbs are launched at the player, trapping the player in a tractor beam. The player is then pulled towards the Puller who then attacks once the player is in range. The third enemy is the Elite Grunt. These enemies are not done when they fall. Instead, Elite Grunts will quickly crawl towards players when downed to deal a bit more damage by exploding within range.

Blizzard also showed some new looks for four of Overwatch’s characters, with Widowmaker, Pharah, McCree, and Reaper all getting some updated looks. You can check out their looks in the image below.

Overwatch 2 will not be released in 2021. It is likely we will know more about the game’s release date at some point in 2022.

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