New DualSense Midnight Black and Cosmic Red colourways coming in June

Sony has revealed two new colourways for the PlayStatiion 5 DualSense controller: Cosmic Red and Midnight Black. Both will be available for purchase from June, giving users an option other than the two-tone white and black of the default DualSense.

Midnight Black will be the controller that I’m sure appeals to all the people who really just wanted an all-black PlayStation 5. It still features a two tone design, but using two different shades of black with light grey detailing.

Meanwhile, the Cosmic Red reminds me of a scrummy red velvet cake, but Sony claim it’s actually inspired by the “vivid shades of red found throughout the cosmos.” In other words, you probably shouldn’t try to see if you can eat it. It won’t taste as good.

There’s no word on if they fix the most flaring issue with the white-black DualSense: the off-centre branding under the USB-C port

The exact availability will be dependent on location and retailers, but both will be shipping in June. Expect them to fly off the shelves (the black one in particular), so you might need to be quick to snag one.

The new colourways also hint that Sony might be gearing up to offer some new face panel options for the PlayStation 5. The DualSense design was obviously intended to match the two-tone look of the PS5 itself, but people were quick to start popping those panels off and start colouring them for themselves. I wouldn’t mind a Cosmic Red PS5, to be honest, so long as Sony don’t think two slightly wavy bits of plastic are worth £40 or something silly.

The DualSense is the revolutionary new controller for the PlayStation 5, bringing with it a new design that incorporates vibrant haptic feedback motors for rumble, and adaptive triggers that can modulate their resistance to your trigger pulls. It’s proven to be a real highlight of some next-gen games, such as Astro’s Playroom and Returnal.

In our DualSense review, I wrote:

The DualSense lives up to its name with not just a step, but a giant leap forward for haptic feedback and immersion. It’s far more than just a gimmick, but as shown by backward compatible games, it needs new titles to really make the most of it.

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  1. I’m not normally bothered about the colour of consoles or their accessories but I do like the red one. I only got one DS at launch so might just get one.

  2. I like the ‘Cosmic Red’, though pre-orders have it listed as 5 quid more than ‘Midnight Black’, not sure why.
    Matching PS5 panels in the red would be nice though :)

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