Marvel’s Avengers introducing new endgame progression system

Marvel's Avengers Black Widow Event

Crystal Dynamics have discussed their new endgame progression system for Marvel’s Avengers, giving players more incentive to dive back in and power up their heroes even if they’ve hit the existing level cap.


One of the issues flagged by the Marvel’s Avengers community is the lack of options to refine and upgrade heroes once they have hit level 50. When this happens, players then need to grind for the game’s best loot in order to boost their power rating.

The developer’s solution is their new Champion System which will be rolling out next week on May 18th as part of a title update. Here’s an explanation of how it’s changing things up:

Marvel's Avengers endgame Champion System diagram

Currently, when Heroes reach the level cap of 50, XP becomes obsolete. With the new Champion System, Heroes who are level 50 can improve their combat abilities even further. Once a Hero reaches level 50, earned XP from that point on is changed to Champion XP, which is specific to each Hero. Earning enough Champion XP will increase your Champion Level, which is marked on your nameplate. Whenever a Hero levels up their Champion Level, they’ll earn a Champion Skill Point, which is used to unlock a multitude of Champion Skills.

These Champion Skills exist separately from regular skills and powers with their own menu. Each hero, from Hulk to Hawkeye, each have their own unique Champion Skill sets – investing points here will raise your raw stats such as Heroic charge rate, attack damage, and perk activation chance. The end result is an extra layer of player progression, allowing you to tweak your level 50 heroes to match a certain playstyle.

Marvel's Avengers Black Widow Red Room Takeover Screenshot

Those who have been keeping tabs on Marvel’s Avengers will know about the Black Widow event currently underway, starting with the Rooskaya Protocols. May 20th will see a wave of new HARM Room missions come to Marvel’s Avengers as part of the Red Room Takeover. These are scaled from Power Level 1 to 120 and are designed to test not only your combat prowess but your traversal skills too.

When we reviewed Marvel’s Avengers on launch day, we were treated to a mixed bag. On one hand there’s a fairly decent singleplayer campaign centred around a likeable protagonist. However, the lack of memorable villains and the grindy, loot-heavy focus of its multiplayer left many comic book fans disorientated. Crystal Dynamics have continued to work on the game, however, announcing a roadmap earlier this year with a major Black Panther expansion titled “War for Wakanda” currently in development.

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