What We Played #499 – Biomutant, Mass Effect Legendary Edition & PowerWash Simulator

It’s clear that the weather is playing its classic joke on us at the moment, with the long summer days beckoning and bringing with them the gift of… heavy precipitation. Still, we all need an excuse to stay inside some more, right? I’ve been plugging away at Biomutant for review and I can literally tell you nothing about it until next week. Besides that I’ve been dabbling with a bit of iOS gaming, and there’s an Apple TV heading my way so I’ll soon get to see how these games hold up on the big screen too.

I am reliably informed that Tuffcub has been playing Destiny 2. Obviously. Steve, on the other hand, had a week where reviewing games has taken precedence over playing the games he’s in the middle of. He still hasn’t finished Resident Evil Village and is hoping to get the first playthrough of that wrapped up over the weekend. This week, though, he continued to have geeky fun with Star Wars Pinball VR and was surprised by how involving and relaxing the Early Access of PowerWash Simulator proved to be, saying “it’s the perfect gaming companion to a podcast and a cup of tea”. The past couple of days have been devoted to the lovely The Wild at Heart, “one of those indie gems that brings together cute cartoony graphics with well-designed mechanics and an emotional narrative. Definitely one to pick up if that sort of indie game is in your ballpark”. Finally, he also played a bit more Infamous 2 through PS Now, saying “I think I need to just put aside some time to rattle through that as it doesn’t work that well in bitesize doses.”

Saying that Nic B has been played Pokemon Go is the new Tuff having played Destiny 2. But, he’s also played Pokemon Go! Such variety! He says, “I’m not overclocked on XP, and can’t level up until I evolve a bunch of Eevees. That aside, I’m almost at the end of my second playthrough of Resident Evil Village, and have been playing the deckbuilding roguelike Rise of the Slime and… I’m thoroughly underwhelmed. Review to come!”

Miguel’s played through the main Hitman 3 campaign and loved it. He continued to tell us, “I also played a bunch more Apex Legends and got very good at using the new legend Valkyrie. I played a bit of Smash Bros and Mario Kart, too!”

Ade has been playing the “bonkers but rather compelling” Mad Rat Dead for review. He’s also on with Beautiful Desolation too. Other than that, he’s still assisting Jin with his quest to fight a veritable horde of the Mongols in Ghost of Tsushima, saying “it’s the most fun I’ve had with a AAA game since Marvel’s Spider-Man. Then there’s been some Hood: Outlaws and Legends, which I’ve unfortunately found pretty disappointing – I had such high hopes too!”

Gamoc has been playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and finished the first game in the trilogy yesterday. “The story is absolutely phenomenal, naturally, but repeated environments and millions of large empty areas to drive around make it very repetitive from a gameplay perspective. You could remove the Mako entirely (it’s pretty dull anyway) and you’d have a stronger, more streamlined game left over. Also Renegade Shepard is often just racist and a dick for no good reason, bit weird for the saviour of the galaxy. At one point I punched a guy who was hysterical after his planet was invaded by a race of robots. Oh well, on to Mass Effect 2.”

Aran has been playing Manifold Garden for review and his full thoughts will be out next week. He’s also been playing Astral Chain on Switch, saying, “I’m liking it and the dual combat system is decent.” Lastly, Nick P has been juggled with Persona 5 Royal, Mass Effect LE, Warzone, Fortnite and Hand of Merlin for preview, saying “My brain is fried!”

And finally, Tef has been enjoying the wild twists and turns of Famicom Detective Club on Nintendo Switch. Expect his review of this classic murder mystery duology remaster soon!

What about you? How are your brains? And what have you been playing?

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  1. Was finally able to get a PS5 recently so, after blasting through the simply wonderful Astro game, the rest of my gaming time has been spent on Demon’s Souls. I’m about 10 hours into it so far and have been really enjoying it. I’ve just made it to the Flamelurker boss, who I’m told serves as the ‘git gud’ portion of the game, so I’m anticipating several deaths this weekend… :-) Brilliant game.

  2. I was allowed some Switch time this week and after reading that Mario + Rabbids is a little bit but not at all like X-Com I thought I’d give that a try. It’s great, very pretty, entertaining when travelling between battles and despite it being very easy (so far) I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s also just about the right level of silly, with a subtle goomba enema joke early on setting the tone well.

  3. I’ve still just been playing Borderlands 2, I’ve been concentrating on the DLC and have completed the story paths of 3 of the 5, I’m also working on levelling up to have a chance at the raid bosses… I did take some time off to spend with my wife for our 14th wedding anniversary as well!

  4. Various things, as usual.

    AC Valhalla is turning out to be even longer than I was expecting. 50 hours in, still big chunks of map missing. And probably going to end up playing it just as long doing everything else. Some of those little side quests are great.

    Then I realised Subnautica had a PS5 version, which is a bit of an upgrade, especially with load times. (Down from about a minute to 15 seconds?)

    And No Man’s Sky had it’s new expedition, which I just finished this evening. Wasn’t expecting that as the final reward.

    Plus I gave Knockout City a go. Which is actually quite fun. Maybe I just like people slapping their balls in my face?

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