What We Played #500 – Resident Evil Village, Mass Effect 2 & Fortnite

It’s the 500th WWP! And as such we’re going to ask for your five hundred top games… I’ll give you until 5pm. What do you mean you can barely remember your top five games? In all seriousness though, it’s been lovely to spend five hundred-ish weeks talking about what we’ve been up to in the world of games, and beyond, and to hear your stories as well. Here’s to a few hundred more!

I’ve been finishing up Biomutant, a game that tries really really hard to be good, and I respect it for that. Besides that I got an Apple TV, and have been spending time with Apple Arcade titles like Cozy Grove, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, and one of my all-time favourite games, Sayonara Wild Hearts.

Steve has mainly been playing Resident Evil Village, telling us “I finished the first playthrough and am running through again collecting missed stuff and upgrading weapons. Got an infinite ammo shotgun which is all kinds of fun. Aside from that I’ve been troubleshooting an annoying display port issue that is ruining my dual monitor setup. Got a replacement cable coming today which I hope will fix it. I also played flat pack hero and put together an awesome L shaped work/gaming desk that has transformed my office corner.”

Nic B has been inching his way through Resident Evil Village’s trophy list; “I’m on the knives out run (beat the game without guns) and then it’s onto Mercenaries mode. But Mercenaries is such a pain I think it may keep the platinum from me. Oh, and I played Pokémon Go, obviously.”

Gareth finished Mass Effect 2 last night, saying, “main storywise is a step down from the first game, but the side stuff is a hundred times better provided you exclude mineral scanning, which is awfully dull. Other than that I’ve started King of Seas for review.” Meanwhile, Nick P thinks he’s become captain boring having not played anything other than P5R and Fortnite. While it’s worrying we won’t write him off yet.

Miguel has been playing a bunch of Apex Legends, a little more Nier Replicant, a splash of Mario Kart, and this new mobile rhythm game called D4DJ that’s “mega mega fun.” Aran has been playing Astral Chain, saying, “I’m around 60% of the way through. It is really good and I quite like the combat though did take a bit of getting used to at first. It looks great especially on the big screen and the soundtrack is banging too.”

Ade was disparaging Hood: Outlaws and Legends last week but has stuck with it and is now rather enjoying himself. “Perhaps it’s just because the players I’ve been meeting over the last week have all wanted to play the game properly and do the who sneaking and working as a team thing, rather than running around, slapping the occasional guard and setting the entire map on high alert. Other than that, I’m still on with Ghosts of Tsushima and played Mad Rat Dead for review – which was excellent.”

Tuffcub has been playing Destiny 2, obvs and a little game called [I’m Not Allowed To Tell You I Even Have The Game – Embargos Like That Are Bloody Stupid]. Sounds fun! Meanwhile Thomas has spent his time flicking between Mass Effect Legendary Edition and Yakuza: Like A Dragon. “One is an unrealistic fantasy story where the lead character is a lovable oaf, and the other is Mass Effect.”

Jake made a lovely surprise appearance to tell us that he’s been helping friends platinum Demon’s Souls on PS5, while he platinums Dark Souls 3 himself.  He told us “the Jake of last year would have never played a souls game, let alone platinum one!”

Reuben has RPG fever. “I’ve been playing Persona 5 Royal recently to finally get people to shut up about me playing it. I’m up to the second Palace and I regret to announce that everyone was right … I should have played this sooner. Also, I’ve been diving back into Final Fantasy XIV for the Patch 5.5 update, and getting antsy that Endwalker isn’t out yet.” Nic B on the other hand has cause absolute carnage in the TSA Slack channel by playing The Last of Us Part 2 and enjoying it, since everyone else seems to have decided they didn’t actually ‘enjoy’ it. I think I’ll just not bother.

Finally, Tef has seen and played some things he’s not quite allowed to talk about yet. That’s been joined by more Famicom Detective Club, which has turned into a bit of a back and forth slog to get through the dialogue “puzzles”. Expect a review soon. He’s nearly at the end!

What about you? What have you played?

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  1. 500th ^^ amazing achievement.
    Right here are my top 500 games….
    Know what I am not THAT crazy xD
    I have been playing L.A Nior and DiRT 5 (Again) on PS5 version. Been too busy with work lately so hopefully will nab them both Platinum sometime during the week :)

  2. I’m working through Village Mercenaries too. I was really struggling until I turned off adaptive triggers and it became significantly easier. Still not easy by any means, but it makes a big difference.

    Just picked up Immortals today as well so will be a nice pallet cleanser after RE8.

  3. I still struggle overcoming my current gaming fatigue. I was mostly watching movies and TV series for some weeks, as nothing in my huge backlog really caught my eye.
    This week, I started Days Gone, and it wasn’t too bad, but after 3 hours I realised I played it on the wrong account. There may be a lot to like about the PS5, but in some areas it just sucks badly, you can’t even personalise the dashboard, which would easily avoid things like that. Well, that didn’t really help.
    Then I started to play the most recent Tomb Raider, which seems worse than the one before that, but I’ll give it another chance.

  4. Bloody hell, 500! Good work TSA, here’s to 500 more. This week I’ve been cracking on with more Mario + Rabbids, Grip and Splatoon 2, along with some Mario Kart online. I feel like I’m enjoying the portabilityness of the Lite more than the regular Switch, it is ridiculously light and way more comfortable to hold than the heavy original or ye olde Vita Slim, I’ve had no pins and needles or crampy hands at all. My girls (both 5) have also taken the plunge into Mario Kart, it’s been a real joy watching them lose their minds over coming 3rd or 4th instead of 12th, one day I expect they’ll be wiping the rainbow road with me :)

  5. I somehow missed this yesterday when scanning the article – that’s quite an achievement indeed, congratulations to this 500th..! 🍻

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