What We Played #501 – Astral Chain, Biomutant & Mass Effect Legendary Edition

And just like that we’re here again. Rather than blowing up once the timer reached 500, it turns out that the gaming world still keeps on turning and TSA keeps ticking along, while those that dwell within her bows sit fixated in front of a series of screens in order to tell you about the contents of them. I’ve had a quieter week on the gaming front, with a series of familial milestones and various bits and bobs of work to do, but I have managed to play a spot more Biomutant, as well as some more Sayonara Wild Hearts.

Aran played and finished Astral Chain this week. He told us, “I liked the dual combat system employed essentially controlling two characters at once. The story does essentially follow the path of save a cat to kill a god and it is pretty bonkers throughout. Probably one of the best looking games on Switch, too.”

Meanwhile Miguel played Apex Legends, some Guilty Gear Strive, a little more Nier Replicant, and he played some Earth Defense Force World Brothers, which all in all sounds like a good week to me. Tuffcub is now on his second playthrough of [I’m Not Allowed To Tell You I Even Have The Game – Embargos Like That Are Bloody Stupid]. Other than that, he got stuck in Fenyx: Immortals Rising, or apparently as it should have been named “Twinks & Daddy Bears: The Game”. He has also been playing Destiny 2 and… er.. *whispers very, very, very quietly* “I’m finding it a bit boring.” Good lord!

Gareth played King of Seas for review and Mass Effect 3 via the Legendary Edition. He says, “I’m thoroughly enjoying it, though I’m in a Citadel DLC I’ve never played before because I played the original release at launch. It began with meeting Joker in a Sushi bar and got progressively sillier. Bit weird how relaxed and joke-heavy everyone is considering the main story, but it’s a nice break.”

Nic B hasn’t touched anything except Pokémon Go. Pity the poor catch ’em aller though as he’s in the busiest period of the year at work. “Leisure time is a distant memory. Send coffee.”

Steve has been mixing his time between Resident Evil Village (he should finish his Village of Shadows playthrough tonight) and the most JRPG of all JRPGs, Edge of Eternity. “Younger me would have absolutely loved this so trying to recover that enthusiasm to give the review the fairest go. I also loaded up a ton of stuff on my new One X with Gamepass so looking forward to chilling on the sofa with that.”

Also charging through Village is Nick P, who’s continued to chip away at the Merceneries mode as he tries to his SS ranks across the board. More importantly, he got the platinum for Persona 5 Royal, and couldn’t handle leaving the gang behind, so jumped straight into the very different, but still enjoyable Persona 5 Strikers.

Finally, Tef finished his playthrough of Famicom Detective Club last weekend, mixing it in with a bouts of Knockout City, which he says is a really nice and inventive deathmatch game. Also, some things he can’t talk about right now.

What’s up? What have you played?

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  1. I played some more Shadows of the Tomb Raider, which is ok. Apart from that, I’m watching WandaVision a third time, as I still struggle with how good this is. But my Disney+ month is about to end very soon now, that’ll help.

  2. I got the Borderlands 2 platinum and 100% completion. For some variety (!) I also got the platinum for Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands. I’m planning on returning to Borderlands the Pre Sequel as I started it in 2017 but for some reason got sidetracked and I can’t remember anything about it! So, I guess you could say I’ve been playing Borderlands? 😆

  3. Got the Demons Souls platinum this week! Was a little tedious following a guide for the rings/spells but the actual game was phenomenal and a great start to the new gen.
    Copy of Destruction All-stars has arrived in this morning’s post so I’ll be playing that until Ratchet 🙂

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