Godfall is being ported back to PS4, Fire & Darkness expansion releasing in August

Gearbox and Counterplay Games action RPG Godfall is being ported back to the PlayStation 4, releasing alongside the Fire & Darkness update on 10th August. A free update will also add new Llightbringer content to the game.


Fire & Darkness will be the first paid expansion for the game, tasking you with battling new enemies to save the Fire realm. The expansion will be included for Deluxe and Ascended editions of the game. This will come alongside a free update called Lightbringer, adding a new facet to the endgame loot that people can keep grinding away at. There will be over 40 new items of loot to find and over 50 cosmetic pieces to collect as well.

The whole game is also being ported back to the PlayStation 4. There will be free upgrades from PS4 to PS5 for new purchasers, but… will there be free downgrades for people that have already bought the game on PS5?

Godfall was, as you might remember, the first game announced for the PlayStation 5, as a bit of a “First!” cry from publisher Gearbox. While fairly pretty, the game wasn’t pushing the PS5 to the limits, and came with rather modest minimum system requirements for the PC version. A PS4 port was never outside the realms of possibility.

Sadly, Godfall didn’t do too much to impress us at launch. While it had some interesting ideas in its approach to combat, the dull structure and heavy recycling of content made it a tough game to slog through. At the time we wrote:

It takes a while for Godfall’s combat to truly open up and when it does, you’ll revel in its beefy ballet of well-timed blows and counters. That said, it’s hard to ignore the flimsy scaffolding that keeps this PS5 launch title standing, the lack of matchmaking, and a loot system you’ll quickly lose interest in. Although still great fun in short bursts, this isn’t the rousing next-gen RPG experience you’ve been searching for.

Hopefully the significant new content and changes through the game updates will be able to remedy some of those initial complaints. A matchmaking beta, for example, is coming.

Source: Counterplay Games

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