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Hot on the heels of its official reveal, Two Point Campus’ first gameplay has been shown, alongside an introduction from Mark Webley, Ben Huskins and Gary Carr from Two Point Studios. Two Point Campus will release in 2022 across PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC.


Two Point Campus shifts focus away from healthcare to education (hence the name). You’ll be charged with building and running a university, and that’s led to some rather new and different gameplay elements, building on the foundations of the excellent Two Point Hospital.

Some things have definitely changed, as you’re spending longer looking after your students than you would be looking after patients. You might want to learn their personalities, wants and needs, keeping them happy by building clubs, societies and hosting gigs. It’s a little bit of The Sims, I guess.

Elsewhere, what you can create has been expanded as well, letting you shape the world outside the buildings of the university campus. You can get to work drawing long lines of picket fences with the smart brush, laying out new pathways across the grass for your students to follow.

Of course, one thing hasn’t changed at all, so if you send someone to night school, you’re actually sending them to “knight school”. All the silly puns and plays on words are well and truly intact in Two Point Campus. We also saw gigantic pizza ovens

Its predecessor, Two Point Hospital was well received. In our review, Dom wrote:

There are few games that can boast the level of personality and humour that Two Point Hospital does while still giving you something serious to sink your time into. For anyone with fond memories of Theme Hospital, this is the silly hospital management sim you’ve been waiting for.

You can read the full Two Point Hospital Review here.

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