New No More Heroes 3 gameplay shows off Travis’ Beam Katana

A new slice of No More Heroes 3 gameplay has appeared, giving players a little look at some new gameplay and Travis’ classic Beam Katana weapon in action.


The explanation of the video is a little bit mangled through Google Translate, but reads:

★ Beam Katana & Charging ★
The exhilarating action of “Beam Katana” purchased by Travis online is alive and well.
Let’s cut the aliens.
However, when the battery runs out, it just runs out of sticks.
Let’s find a chance and work for private power generation.

The new gameplay comes after last week’s E3 2021 gameplay trailer, which appeared as a surprise during Nintendo’s Treehouse stream, following on from the Nintendo Direct. You can watch that 25-minute segment here:

No More Heroes 3 is expected to release on 27th August 2021 for Nintendo Switch, after some lengthy production delays pushed it back from 2020. The game sees Travis Touchdown return to his home town of Santa Destroy, where he finds a huge artificial metropolis floating in the sea and unidentified flying objects above. Robin Atkin Downes and Paula Tiso are both to their roles as Travis Touchdown and Sylvia Christel, while the soundtrack will be provided by musician and actor Nobuaki Kaneko of the band RIZE.

The last entry in the series was the even more off-beat game Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, a weird and wonderful dip into Suda51’s mind when it released at the start of 2019.

As Miguel wrote in our 8/10 review, “If you love No More Heroes, or any work of Suda51’s, then Travis Strikes Again is a must-play game. It’s a creative explosion of fanservice, callbacks and classic Travis Touchdown charm that will make any fan grin from ear to ear. […] Travis Strikes Again is a love letter to gaming, and the perfect way to whet fans appetites before No More Heroes 3 gets made proper.”

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