The next three free game on the Epic Games Store have been revealed

Epic Games Store
Epic Games Store

PC owners can grab another three free games from the Epic Game Store over the coming weeks with the first, The Spectrum Retreat, available right now.

We gave The Spectrum Retreat 7/10 when we reviewed it in back in 2018.  “As far as hybrid genres go, this is an interesting one,” said Jason at the time. “The combination of walking simulator and the integration of the puzzles is very well done, while the drip feed of the story is steady enough to keep your focus, driving you through the small niggles that arise throughout a play through. The whole thing is tied together with some great voice acting and great music.”

“Overall, The Spectrum Retreat grabs hold and refuses to let go, while its clever combination of pure puzzling and story telling makes for an enjoyable and unique experience throughout.”

The Spectrum Retreat is available until 4pm on July 8th and you can follow this link to get it. Then from July 8th to July 15th you will be able to grab Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead.

Unfortunately we only gave that game 6/10 in our review, “If all you’re looking for is some bridge construction with a zombie theme, then Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead comes with enough new mechanics to keep you interested for a while,” said Gareth. “If you’re just here because you love the Walking Dead, however, then I’m afraid this probably isn’t for you, as it offers little value from that standpoint.”

Also available from July 8th to July 15th is alternative history RPG Ironcast. It’s rather old, it launched in 2015, and features turn-based strategy combat set against a rich alternate 1880’s history. It also has a hand painted art style and was inspired by the steampunk genre and Victorian science fiction.


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