What We Played #506 – Monster Hunter Stories 2, Ghost of Tsushima & F1 2021

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It’s another scorcher in the north of England. By that I mean it’s a balmy 19C and I’ve had to find a pair of shorts. Other than this wholly seasonable weather, apparently football is coming home, though in classic English fashion I think it’ll actually stomp up to the front door, make a load of noise, fumble for its keys, drop them in a nearby flowerpot, and sleep in the hedge outside. I’m sure Sunday night will be fun either way!

I’ve been playing games again this week, and it turns out I quite like them. I checked out the all-new story mode in F1 2021, as well as some more Monster Hunter Stories 2 and Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart. It feels like we’re just hitting a real summer lull, so hopefully I can finish off a few of the things I’ve got hanging around like Final Fantasy VII Remake and Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood.

Aran has been playing Sackboy A Big Adventure, and said. “It was an enjoyable platformer where the music levels really stood out. Some absolute bangers used as the tracks. Fun game, especially multiplayer.”

Ade polished off Ghost of Tsushima, and handed it some serious compliments; “It’s definitely my favourite open world game of the last few years. It does Assassin’s Creed better than Assassin’s Creed. Suffice to say I’m rather excited to get my hands on the Director’s Cut and visit Iki Island. I reckon there’ll be some exciting storyline developments as I discussed in the latest Playing with History: ‘Ghost of Tsushima: how will Iki Island continue Jin’s story?‘ Also, I’ve been playing ‘Where the Heart Leads’ for review, so far I can say it’s certainly an intriguing narrative – full thoughts next week!”

Jim has been split between a few games this past week. He tells us, “My momentum with Nioh 2 has slowed down slightly though I’m still chipping away at it, one mission at a time. Although I prefer the setting of the original game, I’m loving the expanding arsenal of weapons, skills, and Yokai abilities you can slot into your loadout. Swapping demons for Nazis, I’ve also been hitting up some Sniper Elite VR. It’s been a while since I last dusted off my PlayStation Aim controller, but it was certainly worth the elbow grease (link to review). Final Fantasy IV has also crept back into my life, serving as the perfect companion for watching the Euros.”

Nic B has been crawling through the post-apocalyptic waste that is Metro Exodus on the PS5, trying to 100% it. “I forgot just how large some of these levels are… It’s slow progress, but I’m enjoying it!” Gareth meanwhile ahs been playing FIFA 21 for a change. He’s also played Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, and Blood and Truth on the VR side, as well as a little bit of The Witcher 3.

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Nick P has been smashing Black Skylands and King’s Bounty 2 for preview. On the side, I’ve been getting plenty of wins in Fortnite and indulging in a little Hitman 3. Steve has played a Rathalos load of Monster Hunter Stories 2, a bit more VR stuff with the loan Vive Pro 2 (review upcoming) and persevered with Hollow Knight. He says, “Can face the end boss now but hoovering up collectables and going for challenges at the moment. Also dipped in and out of Gamepass stuff for rewards, including the fun little Space Jam game which is a Streets of Rage for kids :) Suspending interactive entertainment today to check out the Resident Evil series on Netflix. I never actually finished the disappointing Resi 6 so hope it’s not too closely linked to that. I have watched all the animated Resi films though.”

Reuben has been cracking on with more Fortnite, trying to get through that Season Pass because, well, he paid for it. He continues, “Otherwise, I’ve been cracking on with the lacklustre Dark Alliance for a review, the brilliant Persona 5 Royal and have dived into the excellent anti-capitalist rogue-lite Going Under for a spell.”

Tuffcub has been playing, and failing miserably, to get out of his flat. He rates it “2/10, very poor. Includes nasty bug where the trip you had planned is fucked up due to twats being on the line at Euston.”

Miguel has also played a bunch of Monster Hunter Stories 2, a sprinkle of Apex Legends and Fortnite, a pinch of Warzone, and a bit of this “very good” old-school shmup Mushihimesama.

Finally, Tef has been racing his way through the F1 2021 Braking Point story for our review next week. Keep your eyes peeled!

Now then, what have you been playing?

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  1. Things from PS+/Now this week. And some sales.

    From PS+, A Plague Tale is interesting. Looks and sounds great, the rats are horrible, and the kid should be fed to the rats at the first opportunity, but that’s sadly not allowed. All a bit linear and far too much of the bad sort of stealthy stuff. The sort where you just have to find the approved path through the section distracting people and moving between cover in the right order. Also, go into the options and turn the chromatic aberration option down to low. It looks terrible otherwise.

    And then codblops4, which is, well, the same as all the others, really.

    PS Now went mad with new things this month. Judgment seems to be a much more sensible Yakuza game. Even if it’s technically not one. Enjoying it so far from the first couple of hours.

    And because my sister was here, Moving Out. Which is full of terrible jokes and amused her more than it did me. It’s fun enough for “free”.

    And from the sales… More Resident Evil still. Excellent job of the remasters. Or are they remakes? Plus some One Piece Pirate Warriors 4, which does exactly what you want it to. And a huge bargain with Thronemaker: The Witcher Tales for just 4 quid. Turning a mini-game into a full single player campaign like that shouldn’t work, but it does. And the puzzle fights are interesting in forcing you to learn new tactics.

    I’d say it’s my top recommendation from the current sale, if you enjoyed the Gwent stuff in Witcher 3, or just like card-based games in general. And it’s only £3.99!

  2. Finally got around to completing Horizon Zero Dawn both base game and DLC. I had played it a little on release but the game got shelved and not played again until now. Also played some Green Hell which I have been really enjoying.

  3. I finally received my PS5 Wednesday, a mere 9 months after preordering it! It’s very big, very cool, and very quiet but i haven’t had a lot of time with it yet.
    I played AstroBot which is a neat little tech demo for the controller. Other than that i had a quick go on No Man’s Sky and gawsh but it’s even prettier than it was on PS4/pro – i’ll start a brand new save PSVR over the wknd – and i’ve also been play/creating Dreams. Those two games have been the biggest culprits for my PS4 pro fans spinning up loudly and only Dreams made the PS5 sound increase slightly – but it’s still much quieter than my PS4 pro when that’s powered on and just idling.
    The controller haptics, i’m not quite sold on just yet. It’s a cool feature but also feels more like distraction than immersion atm. And i actually thought my controller was broken when i tried to take off in NMS!
    Through the PS3 and PS4 lifecycles i’ve relied heavily on the browser for my daily web surfing , so the lack of a proper Ps5 browser means i won’t be disconnecting my PS4 pro anytime soon.
    The UI is clean but clearly lacking some basic functionality in comparison to what we’ve become accustomed to.
    I don’t know when i’ll play an actual PS5 game yet as i have a PS4/PSVR backlog to wade through as well as renewing my PS+ sub. Not bothered either, getting a PS5 was always about how it would enhance my Dreams and NMS experience! :D

    • 9 months after preordering it?? And here’s me not preordering and only having to wait 3 months to get one.

      NMS does look even nicer on the PS5, and you’re in for a treat when you try the PS4 version out in VR. I kind of like the way the trigger goes mad when you take off though. It’s not subtle, but then you’re trying to make a spaceship leave the ground, so it shouldn’t be.

      Dreams benefits from the PS5 a lot too, especially in VR. Something about the unusual graphics engine seems to scale quite well and benefit from the extra power.

  4. Borderlands 3 for me last week and over the weekend. I’m about a third through, I think? I found it hard work to begin with, because there are so many things… But now I’ve played it for a few hours and got used to all the slightly hidden stuff it’s much better.
    I’ll also be watching the football final this weekend – I’m in my late 40s and it’s not happened in my lifetime before so I’m conscious it might not happen in my lifetime again so I’ll be making the most of it!
    I have relations living in South Africa and they’ve got big coats and hats on as it’s their winter and a chilly 14 degrees Celsius. It’s not much warmer in the UK and it’s summer so you can probably imagine my feelings!!

  5. Lots more Cyberpunk for me this week. The story is great and the city looks amazing but the bugs and crap AI are starting to get on my tits and I can completely sympathise with all the complaints and criticism. I’ve also not done any crafting or spending money, apart from paying Vik back. I’ll definitely finish the game but it does seem like the developers put an incredible amount of effort into the story, world and technical structure without really finishing the game experience.

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