Skate 4’s new teaser really does tease fans by showing people reacting to gameplay

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Full Circle, the new studio created by EA, has released a teaser video for the upcoming Skate 4. The video is the absolute definition of a tease as it shows not one iota of gameplay. Instead, the teaser tells you that Full Circle has shown Skate 4 to some of the series’ biggest fans. The video is then spliced reactions and comments from these fans as they watch gameplay, dripping some very base details about the game including its open world and spinning rails. Oh, you can climb things too.

Skate 4 was announced last year but Full Circle was only formed at the beginning of this year. The studio confirmed that it would not be showing any Skate 4 gameplay during EA Play Live later this week. Here’s the full statement from the Skate dev team:

What have we been up to? Well, we formed a studio back in January, got a bunch of super talented people to join the family, and we’ve been working hard on the new game. We know many of you were hoping to see more from us this week but we’re not ready for prime time just yet and we won’t be part of the EA Play Live show on Thursday. It’s still early and we are committed to doing this thing right which means it’s gonna take some time.

Skate 3 was released over ten whole years ago and our beloved Blair didn’t really enjoy it, scoring it just 6/10 and  saying “There really isn’t much depth to be found with Skate 3, due to the short career mode and lacking extra features. Thankfully, the simplistic yet effective controls and the fun to be found in some of the challenges help somewhat. With Skate 3, we see that innovation can only last so long before it becomes uninspired and stale.”

You can watch EA Play live from 18:00PM UK time (10AM PT/1PM ET) on July 22nd starting with a pre-show.

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