How to upgrade the Castle in Samurai Warriors 5

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Developed by Omega Force, Samurai Warriors 5 is essentially a reboot for the popular franchise. It marks a fresh approach for the Japanese studio, focusing on a smaller piece of the Sengoku timeline, better emphasising the role and relationships of its key characters.

One of the big new features introduced in Samurai Warriors 5 is the Castle. Over the years, each new interaction in the series has brought new ideas, game modes, and mechanics to the table, with the Castle being one of them.


This brief guide will explain what the Castle does, how to upgrade it, and why this should be one of your priorities while playing Samurai Warriors 5.

How to upgrade the Castle in Samurai Warriors 5

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What does the Castle do?

The Castle acts as your base of operations. Between each battle, it’s here that you will spend various resources to develop your characters, making them even more powerful as you progress through the game. Basically, everything you do in Samurai Warriors 5 will feed back into the Castle.

There’s nothing too flashy about the Castle. It’s basically a cluster of menus that each represent a key facility. These include:

  • The Dojo – where you can spend EXP, Skill Points, and Weapon Mastery to improve the stats and abilities of individual characters
  • The Blacksmith – where you craft, upgrade, and dismantle weapons, using Skill Gems to add game-changing perks
  • The Shop – where you can buy and sell various items including weapons, equipment, Skill Gems, and materials
  • The Stables – where you can buy and train mounts

If you want to blitz through Samurai Warriors 5 on easy mode then you don’t have to really interact with Castle too much. However, if you want to get the most out of this latest game and delve into its RPG trappings, it quickly becomes a focal point.

How do I upgrade my Castle?

At the beginning of Samurai Warriors 5, your Castle will be at level 1. It can be upgraded 3 times up to level 4, unlocking new features with each rank. It will influence thing such as:

  • The quality and quantity of items available at the Shop
  • The ability to craft weapons at the Blacksmith
  • The number of horses you can keep at the Stables
  • The maximum training ranks available at the Dojo

It isn’t long before you’ll want to raise these caps and unlock new features. However, Samurai Warriors 5 doesn’t clearly signpost how to upgrade the Castle, simply stating that you need to progress through the game’s story in Musou mode. During our playthrough, the second Castle rank became available after clearing chapter 1 of both Nobunaga and Mitsuhide’s stories. The third Castle rank unlocked after completing chapter 4 for Nobunaga.

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Once your Castle has gone up a rank, you will then need to spend Gold and materials to boost each of its facilities.

These upgrades don’t come cheap and might take some grinding if you’re fully focused on Musou mode. We would strongly recommend switching to Citadel mode at this point. Here you can run a series of smaller missions, gathering materials and Gold quickly by completing objectives and visiting the Shop between battles.

Overall, the Castle is a great feature that helps unify the various progression systems in Samurai Warriors 5.

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