Life Is Strange: True Colors latest trailer welcomes players to Haven Springs

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A new trailer for Life Is Strange: True Colors has been released by Deck Nine, and this one focuses on the small town of Haven Springs. This is the main setting of the latest Life Is Strange title. The character Steph Gingrich gives a tour of Main Street and some of the locations including The Black Lantern bar and grill, where players will meet characters and be able to play minigame including table football. There is also the radio station KRCT 104.3 which is hosted by Steph. A Spring Festival is also taking place and some LARPing as well.


Protagonist Alex Chen (Erica Mori voice, MXMTOON when singing) is our new protagonist, with a new super power of empathy, letting her feel into other people’s emotions. This can manifest itself in seeing other people’s auras, listening to their inner throughts and potentially opening up new conversation options. This plays into the series’ traditional way of divergent narratives and choices.

When she finds a particularly strong aura, she can trigger a Nova, transforming the world into a recreation of that emotional crisis. Some of these can be so powerful that they can kill. This brings a new decision to make, with Alex able to take away someone’s pain, again, potentially letting Alex uncover something new in the story. The game has ditched the episodic release format, and the full game is coming out on 10th September 2021. The platforms will be PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Stadia.

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