What We Played #515 – WarioWare, Tales of Arise & Life Is Strange: True Colors

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The silly season is well and truly upon us in video games, and while the biggest of big hitters are all still a little while away, there’s been a rush of great new games coming out this week and the bonanza of new trailers and announcements from the PlayStation Showcase.

I myself have been playing one of these new games, reviewing WarioWare: Get It Together! and fully enjoying the new spin it’s put on the series’ humorous little microgames. I’ve also been playing Surgeon Simulator 2, which does an impressive job of broadening the scope from the original, but falls foul of similar “simulator” foibles with its controls. Just play it with friends so you can laugh your way through it. Last, but certainly not least, I played a game called “Putting IKEA wardrobes back together in a space that’s not really big enough”. It does not come recommended.

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Nic B played Pokémon Go, “obvs”, but that wasn’t enough pocket monster action for him this week. He also picked up the DLC for Pokémon Sword and said “It’s fun, but I do wish that not every Pokémon was at level 60 — it feels like it sucks some of the variety out of it.”

For Aran, he put some more time into Mass Effect Legendary Edition, staying away from the critical path, and got to start on Deathloop for our upcoming review. Meanwhile, Nick P has been working on another video project around the original Silent Hill, with some maxing and relaxing courtesy of Dead By Daylight. Worryingly he says he’s enjoying it more than he should, “mainly because I’m only playing the killer!”

Gamoc has continued his adventures through New Game Plus in Ghost of Tsushima, while also returning to No Man’s Sky. He’s enjoying Hello Games’ epic space adventure, but is not such a fan of the grindy elements that they’ve added.

FIST: Forged In Shadow Tech Combat

If you were wondering what a game starring a bunny rabbit with a giant cyborg fist would be like, then Ade has you covered. He reviewed F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch. If you just want the cliffnotes, he says it “just needs a decent patch and then it’s an easy recommendation for anyone who enjoys Metroidvanias and/or bunnies.”

Miguel won’t give you cliffnotes for his Tales of Arise review, so I guess you’ll just have to click that link. He’s also been playing El Shaddai, just to mix things up a little bit.

Tales of Arise Environment

It’s pretty much been non-stop Hades for Steve – “I’m sure I meant to play other games, and installed a few but kept on grinding away at the unlocks in Supergiant’s magnum opus. So, so good.” – while Tuffcub has finished off Days Gone and declared it as “now one of my favourite PS exclusives. Such a shame it’s not getting a sequel.”

Reuben’s had a bit of a senior moment this week, getting so confused that he turned around and asked us “Wait, what actually have I played?” Thankfully I do actually know this one: he’s been paying Life Is Strange: True Colors, and he actually loved it.

Now it’s your turn. What have you played this week?

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  1. Having not played since the launch window, i redownloaded the entirety of Destiny 2 to experience it on PS5 – only to discover that all of the enemies are immune to my level 960 character’s weapons – and apparently i’ll need to grind my way up to level 1100 before i can play on. That was a lot of downloading for no gameplay afterwards .. at least that sort of thing doesn’t happen often ..

    Then, as i was re-purchasing Wolfenstein The New Order in the sale, i spotted a trial for Wolfie Young Blood so i downloaded that too, only to discover once downloaded that i needed both a bethesda account AND an invite from someone else to actually play it. Strewth! W:TNO is great though, my favourite entry in the series.

    I’ve nearly completed The Raven Remastered which i also grabbed in the sale. It’s a classic point ‘n’ click adventure in a train/voyage murder/mystery vein and it’s made by the same folks who made The Book of Unwritten Tales series. It’s entertaining enough but shorter than and not as amusing as the other games.

    And i’m looking forward to jumping into the new NMS update and expedition this wknd!

  2. Well, the NMS update seemed fun. But it crashes a lot, and eventually locked up the PS5 completely. So I had to unplug it at the wall. Which it’s doesn’t like. Nothing gets it out of safe mode after that except wrong the SSD and reinstalling everything. Good job I’ve taken to uploading my saves everytime I play something. Still lots of downloading to do again. Sony really need to make the PS5 more tolerant of power loss.

    Apart from that, finished of the main story of Watch Dogs Legion, which was fun. Better than the second game. And Bagley the AI amused me.

    And from PS+ I gave Predator a go. It’s actually fun. With a few flaws. Mostly the way you either don’t see a predator, or he kills you all instantly.

    And from PS Now, the proper FF7 remaster. None of the button mashing of the remake, and fun at triple speed.

    Too hot for much VR fun this week. A bit of Alvo, which mostly consisted of making fun of Canadian accents and naming two lion statues Timothy and Jimothy. Or Tim and Jim to their friends. Which I’m clearly not, as I’ve panicked and shoot them to many times. Even though they’re just statues.

    Oh, and Transference which is in the VR sale. Short, but very good.

    • Does the force reboot of holding the power button down for 7-ish seconds not work? Sucks that you’ve been through this so many times.

      • Nothing would make it reboot. And none of the safe mode options worked. In case anyone else has such issues, it gives you a single option when it first tried to recover. Good the power button to turn it off before it restarts, and then hold it until it beeps a second time, and you get all 7 options. Which probably don’t work. But worth a try.

  3. Warioware! And it’s brilliant.

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